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August 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

Everything Back to School!

by Jennifer

It may just be me, but I feel like this Summer didn’t even really happen… it FLEW by! Do you feel this way? I could definitely use another month of the relaxed schedule, oh how I will miss that so much. Just a few days ago I was thinking that I should start getting up earlier in the mornings but I quickly pivoted in my train of thought because I only have two weeks till I HAVE to wake up early. Needless to say, I slept in that day lol!

It’s school shopping time! Honestly, I feel like I am behind on this as I am just placing orders for kids clothes two weeks before school. If some of y’all are in my same boat, then hopefully this post will be helpful! Whether you need school supplies, clothing, or just some good headphones or pens, all of our favs are below!

| Atom Shirt | Green Shirt | Grey Shorts | Brown Shirt | Tie Dye Shorts | Green Shorts | Black Cartwheel Shorts | Green Shacket | Floral Print Sneakers | Fall Colored Socks | Blue Dress | Smiley Sweatshirt | Green Sneakers | Pink Stripe Socks | Neutral Stripe Socks | White/Black Sneaker | Black High Tops | Jean Jacket |

| Grow Wild Shirt | Jeans | Cardigan | Dress | Girls Jeans | White Shoes | Yellow DressJeans | Utility Jumpsuit | Overall Shorts | Plaid ShirtGreen DressPink Slip-Ons |

| Floral Dress | Skirt | Black Overall Dress Set | Tan Sweater | Blue Tank | 3 Pack Boys Shirts | Blue Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Shorts | Green Flannel |

| Maroon Shirt | Jeans | Plaid Shirt | Shorts | Black Shorts | 7 Pack Shirt | Chambray Slip Ons | Black Jeans | Sherpa Lined Flannel | White Slip Ons | Pullover | Blue Sneakers | Chambray Shirt |

| Bentgo Boxes | Water Bottles | Reusable Cupcake Cups | Shape Cutters | Sandwich Crust Cutters | Food Skewers | Bentgo Lunch Boxes | Reuseable Bags | Food Picks | Packit Lunch Boxes | Green Thermos |

| Backpack with Lunch Box | Headphones (lots of colors) | Pen Bag | Pens | Ruler | Composition Books | Glittery Pen Bag | Crayons | Supplies Kit | Water Bottle | Spiral Notebooks |

| Glue Sticks | Paper | Folder | Pencil Bag | Protractor | Binder | School Supplies Box | Calculator | Markers | Scissors |

Have a WONDERFUL rest of your Summer! Enjoy those kiddos and enjoy the first day of school 😉

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  • Love this thank you for sharing.
  • I can't believe we are back to school already!! I am in love with the collages you put together and can't wait to use bento boxes this year.
  • I'm a great grandmother of two beautiful GIRLS (5&3) Love you and you're young ones! Keep doing what you're doing!