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Hey there! I’m Jenn.

Things get a little loud and chaotic over here from time to time. I blame the three child beasts ... and Mike is loud too. But, I hope to bring you nothing but happiness, inspiration, good home decor and only the comfiest clothing recommendations because, who really enjoys pants .... ? And most importantly a good laugh. I hope you laugh a lot… even if it’s at my expense.

- Jennifer


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Before and After’s: The Head Family-

Living Room

Metals, woods, clean lines and a couple live plants.

Mom Den

My favorite room of the house, but also the darkest. The white built-ins reflected light that this room desperately needed and the now bright fireplace brightened up that once very dark corner! The client loved the yellow mustardy color so I pulled that as a my bold accent color for this room.


The goal for this very tight galley kitchen was to make it BRIGHTER. By using white paint and a white subway I was able to make this space feel larger without actually adding any square footage. Ripping out the overhead fluorescent lighting also added some head space!


The client loved chevron, so that’s what she got! A neutral color palette with clean lines and modern hexagons to add some funky visual interest.

Before and After’s: The Walker Family-

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

Kitchen Before: 

Kitchen After:

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom After:

Second Bathroom Before:

Second Bathroom After:

 The Head Family-

I do not remember what paint we used on this house because it was the pilot episode and was filmed way before all the rest of the homes! Sorry guys!

The Walker Family-

All paint throughout the house is First Star SW 7646

All trim throughout the house is Pure White SW 7005

Family Room:

-Front Door: Tricorn Black SW 6258


-Cabinets: Pure White SW 7005

-Backsplash: Horizontal Picket Tile

Main Bathroom:

– Vanity Color: Pure White SW 7005

Guest Bath:

-Vanity Color: Pure White SW 7005

Exact furniture from the episodes cannot be linked as they were sourced from local wholesalers!