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Things get a little loud and chaotic over here from time to time. I blame the three child beasts ... and Mike is loud too. But, I hope to bring you nothing but happiness, inspiration, good home decor and only the comfiest clothing recommendations because, who really enjoys pants .... ? And most importantly a good laugh. I hope you laugh a lot… even if it’s at my expense.

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CLEAR THE QUEUE Amazon baby list!

Lets sell out this list of baby items! As you can see, there is nothing “cutesy” on this list, these women want and need necessities for their new babies and I would be so honored if y’all could help. This organization helps women who come to them seeking help, love, and support.

Real Options has also mentioned that Amazon gift cards are AMAZING for them and so so helpful if that’s easier for you. They are available on the list below as well as many other babies items!

THANK YOU for helping. You have made a difference. 🙂

If you are local and want to donate in person, join us THIS SATURDAY December 11th, from 11am – 2pm at Chase Oaks Church (Sloan creek location). Stop by, drop off your items and say hello! We’d love to thank you in person!

Chase Oaks Church Sloan Creek:

611 E Stacy Rd Fairview, TX 75069

Below is a link the items they are requesting for the In-person drive but you can buy them from anywhere, doesn’t have to be these exact items from Amazon. They were just trying to make it easy for ya 🙂

In-person donations list

*Armor Coffee is right down the road! 😉 *