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November 2, 2017 | Motherhood

Family Date Night To Target Vlog! We Needed Two Jackets But Left With….

by Jennifer

I call it the Target Trap.

We needed two jackets.


One for my son and one for my daughter but then, in the presence of the Cat and Jack toddler clothing line, I lose all control.

I can’t be alone in this, right? This happens to everyone, yes?

And my local Target just did an entire store renovation where they pushed all of the clothing to the front middle of the store. So, while you’re standing in the check out line you’re also running back to check on the price of a shirt you’ve been eye-balling for the last five minutes (based off of personal experiences).

Yeah. They know what they are doing. And it’s freaking genius on their part.

I wanted to share with y’all our latest vlog! If you haven’t noticed I’ve pumped out a few videos the past couple of months, I got a new camera so I am just making sure that I get good use out of it 😉

Hopefully, you enjoy the chaos that is included in these short films.

This video is our last family date night to Target. Taking on Target with two child-beasts, a pumpkin dressed as a turkey that my daughter named Steven, and a husband who has to shop and compare new toothpaste and deodorant brands every time he accompanies me to the store. Like, really though… who does that? Just buy what you bought before!


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  • Hey Jenn! Loved the video! I think that 'shopping for deodorant/toothpaste' thing is an 'old' guy thing :-) My bf is 12 years older than me and he does the same freakin' thing! Drives me insane! He reads labels on the same things he buys all the time like it was the greatest American novel...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!