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June 13, 2022 | Gift Guides

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad! “Meet the Dads”

by Jennifer

Father’s Day is upon us! It always sneaks up on me even though Mother’s Day is right before… so I even get a warning period and still find myself scrambling. LOL. Hopefully some of y’all can relate! I just want to say that I bought Mike the apple air tags last year for Father’s Day and they have been the best gadget! We bought the appleTV remote covers and the tag slides into the cover, so when the kids lose the remote we just ping it. It has saved our marriage hahaha! HIGHLY recommend! I also keep them in our luggage so if they were to ever get lost we’d be able to locate it. Technology is getting crazy, isn’t it?

Have a lovely Father’s Day! And happy shopping!

Veggie Bowl for Grill | Seasoning Set | Grill Bags | Grill Mat | Cooler Table | Reduce Tumbler | Metal Grill Brush Cleaner | Metal Meat Claws | Grill Master Hat | Grilling Tools | Daddio Apron | Cooking Thermometer | The Grillfather Shirt |


Work Apron | DIY Hot Sauce Kit | Magnetic Wristband | DIY Knife Kit | Hardware Store Shirt | Universal Socket | Jackery | Rotary Tool | BBQ DIY Kit | DIY Gin Kit | Contour Gauge Tool | DIY Whiskey Kit |


Lawn Enforcement Shirt | Gardening Apron with Big Pockets | Knee Pads | Garden Sheers | Raised Garden Bed | Brimmed Hat | Garden Kneeler & Stool | Yard Work Expert Shirt | Neck Fan | Garden Gloves | Wheel Barrel Dolly 8-in-1 Cart | Noise Canceling Headphones | The Gardenfather Shirt |

| Bendy Phone Holder | Eye Massager | Portable Chargers | Remote Airtag Holder | Airtags | Tech Cord Case | Bose Speaker | Neck Massager | Ember Mug | Portable Espresso Maker | Portable Translator | Device Organizer Attachment | Phone Lanyard |

Swim Trunks | Adidas Slides | Chirp Wheels | Green Shirt | AOS Kit | Nike Bag | Sport Watch | Rugged Backpack | Neck Fan | Adidas Hat | Hey Dude Shoes | Sporty Sunglasses | Water Bottle with Bottom Compartment |

Comfy Shorts | Nail Kit | The Worky Case | Massage Gun | Nespresso | Ember Mug | Men’s Undies | Men’s Robe | Slippers | Gym Mats | At Home Ab Kit | Weighted Blanket |

Beard Kit | Fossil Watch | Rad Dad Shirt | Wallet with Airtag Holder | Airtags | Leather Men’s Cosmetic Bag | Leather and Canvas Bag | Wireless Charging Pad | Belt Set | Whiskey Set | Black Sunglasses | Nike Shoes |

As always, thanks for trusting me with these shopping recommendations! I hope they are so helpful! Thanks for being here with me 🙂 God bless!

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