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February 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

Amazon Faves Under $30; Casual Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor and More!

by Jennifer

Happy Wednesday or whenever you’re opening this blog post, friends!

Have I told you thank you for being a subscriber to my emails lately? I think it’s due! Thanks for being here and opening these emails from time to time! I am not super consistent with these posts but I do like having another way to communicate with y’all, as well as a place to help with styling / suggesting home decor and such, so thank you! I know I do this in IG stories as well, but I realize that a lot of y’all like having an email that won’t disappear in 24 hours so I am trying to be somewhat regular with these types of emails.

I got a pretty good amount of feedback from y’all regarding the Under $50 Amazon home decor post, so I figured y’all would like a lower price point even more! 🙂 While this post is not strictly home decor (finding a good amount of home decor under $30 is rather difficult these days, even for Amazon) included is a little bit of everything!
Below are some of my favorite Amazon fashion items, beauty products, cute accessories and inexpensive but great quality jewelry, kids decor, kitchen items I love and more, all under $30!

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week, and may you all stay healthy as Spring break approaches. I know that’s a big prayer for us right now, JUST STAY HEALTHY lol! If we think it, we can do it! At least that’s what we should be telling ourselves 😉

God bless and enjoy your weekend!

Reminder that prices and sales are subject to change!

| Corduroy Button Up | Puffer Vest | Crew Socks | Flare Leggings | Lounge Set (I have tons of colors) | Hidden Scrunch Leggings | Grey Pullover | Quilted Purse | Crewneck Bodysuit | Blazer Cardigan | Fitted Active Jacket | Quilted Belt Bag | Cropped Sweater | Mock Neck Sweater |

| Warm Base Layer | Socks | Ski Pants | Kids Thermal Underwear | Blue Sherpa Jacket | Black Puffer Jacket | Yellow Puffer Jacket | Pink Gloves | Women’s Thermal Underwear | Pink Boots | Black Boots | Black Gloves | Black Goggles | Black Face Mask | Neck Warmer | White Goggles | Pom Pom Hat | Infant/Toddler Bib |

| Pendant Necklace | Earring Cuff Chain | Earring Crawlers | Studded Ring | Twisted Ring | Teardrop Huggies | Wide Huggies | Engagement Ring | Flat Hoops | Beaded Huggies | Chain Hoops | Tennis Bracelet | Colorful Tennis Bracelet | Butterfly Necklace | Chain Necklace |

| Thick Chain Purse | Shoulder Moon Bag | Black Buckle Bag | Faux Crocodile Bag | Quilted Belt Bag | Gucci Dupe Bag | Tan Quilted Bag | Black Buckle Bag | Quilted Chain Bag | Diamond Quilted Black Bag | Open Top Quilted Bag | Cream/Brown Belt Bag | Black Flap Quilted Bag | Faux Leather Tweed Looking Cream Bag |

| 1. Brown Aviators | 2. Cat Eye 2 Pack | 3. Tortoise Shell/Black Sunnies | 4. Tortoise Shell Round Sunnies | 5. Tortoise Shell Round Sunnies | 6. Pink Sunnies | 7. Tortoise Shell Sunnies | 8. Rectangle 2 Pack | 9. Gold/Black Sunnies | 10. Gold Black Square Sunnies |

| Silicone Brush Holder | Snail Mucin Essense | Lip Mask | Travel Brush Set | Yummy Lip Gloss | Liquid Castsuit Lipstick | Saie The Big Brush | The Mighty Patch | Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Saie Super Glowy Serum | La Roche Posay Body Cream | TonyMoly Snail Mucin Eye Serum Ball | Falsies LashLife Mascara | Travel Makeup Bag | NYX Eyebrow Gel | Smiley Bag | Kiss Press On Lashes | Butter Bronzer | Light Up Mirror | Makeup Sponge Holder |

| Klorane Dry Shampoo | Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner | Claw Clips | Long Barrel Curling Iron | Mielle Rosemary Hair Oil | Hair Mask | Big Scrunchies | Elvive Hair Treatment | Eyebrow/Lash Combs | Silicone Heat Mat | Brow Tint | Colorful Claw Clips | Big Scrunchies |

| Gold/White Pencil Cup | Frixion Erasable Pens | Planner Sticker Packs | Desk Mat | Calculator (has other colors) | 3 Pack Scissors | Planner | Pink Notepads (has other colors) | Outlet Pedestal | Sticky NotesDesk Pin Boards | Wireless Mouse | Monitor Memo Board | Desk To Do List | Workout Stickers for Planner |

| Gold Teaspoon | Nonstick Pan | Ceramic Ramekins | Big Spatula for Cookies | Masher | Tea Towels | Utensil Organizer | Mug | Green Pinch Pot | Can Glass Cups | Wood Utensils | Gold Kitchen Scissors | The Cheese Board Card Deck | Woody Jasmine Candle | Tea Spoons | Whiskey Glasses | Kitchen Towels | White/Wood Utensils | Chopper | Rechargeable Lighter | Candle Kit | Oven Mitts (lots of colors) | Reusable Baking Mats |

| Galaxy Lights | Wall Collage Kit | Disco Lights | Heart Tug | Flower Hooks | Tassel Basket | Glass/Gold Bin | Rattan Round Bin | Floral Pillow | Stuffed Succulent | Stuffed Tulip | Cat Basket | Ceramic Rabbit | Stuffed Animal Net |

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  • Thank you so much for the amazon guides of your favs. Do you have a link to your tanning face drops? I have been wanting to try a face tanner. I LOVE the body Tan ceuticals body mousse! Thanks so much!
  • Love it! Thank you!!
  • I love you and your fun family and your cute show. You always make me laugh! To me, there is nothing better than having fun and laughing! Thank you for that!
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  • So far everything that you recommENDEd, that I was able to use has been great. thanks so much for bringing these products to us!
  • I really enjoy the things you do and say. I can't wait for new shows. Have a great day!
  • Are you going to the decorating houses anymore on HGTV or are you going in a different direction with everyday life posts and helpful hints? Love your show and family, just really enjoyed the remodeling episodes.
  • You have good taste… AND save me a lot of time and wasted purchasing! Love your design choices and watching No Demo reno! i appeciate your tips on the show and learning from your example.
  • You have good taste… AND save me a lot of time and wasted purchasing! Love your design choices and watching No Demo reno! i appReciate your tips on the show and learning from your example.
  • To another fellow texan (i live in austin)... thank you for these posts! it is nice to see what others like and use from amazon since it cansometimes be hit or miss. Hope you & your family have a great spring break. looking forward to the next season of your show (it's my favorite!!!).
  • Ok, so I am an older fan. I finally realized why you are a favorite for me! Your faces and antics remind me of another redhead that was on television years ago when I was a kid....Lucille Ball in I love lucy! It's refreshing to see your show and your posts. Thanks for keeping us laughing!! (Her red hair was not real, it was her trademark.)
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