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February 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

Amazon Faves Under $30; Casual Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor and More!

by Jennifer

Happy Wednesday or whenever you’re opening this blog post, friends!

Have I told you thank you for being a subscriber to my emails lately? I think it’s due! Thanks for being here and opening these emails from time to time! I am not super consistent with these posts but I do like having another way to communicate with y’all, as well as a place to help with styling / suggesting home decor and such, so thank you! I know I do this in IG stories as well, but I realize that a lot of y’all like having an email that won’t disappear in 24 hours so I am trying to be somewhat regular with these types of emails.

I got a pretty good amount of feedback from y’all regarding the Under $50 Amazon home decor post, so I figured y’all would like a lower price point even more! 🙂 While this post is not strictly home decor (finding a good amount of home decor under $30 is rather difficult these days, even for Amazon) included is a little bit of everything!
Below are some of my favorite Amazon fashion items, beauty products, cute accessories and inexpensive but great quality jewelry, kids decor, kitchen items I love and more, all under $30!

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week, and may you all stay healthy as Spring break approaches. I know that’s a big prayer for us right now, JUST STAY HEALTHY lol! If we think it, we can do it! At least that’s what we should be telling ourselves 😉

God bless and enjoy your weekend!

Reminder that prices and sales are subject to change!

| Corduroy Button Up | Puffer Vest | Crew Socks | Flare Leggings | Lounge Set (I have tons of colors) | Hidden Scrunch Leggings | Grey Pullover | Quilted Purse | Crewneck Bodysuit | Blazer Cardigan | Fitted Active Jacket | Quilted Belt Bag | Cropped Sweater | Mock Neck Sweater |

| Warm Base Layer | Socks | Ski Pants | Kids Thermal Underwear | Blue Sherpa Jacket | Black Puffer Jacket | Yellow Puffer Jacket | Pink Gloves | Women’s Thermal Underwear | Pink Boots | Black Boots | Black Gloves | Black Goggles | Black Face Mask | Neck Warmer | White Goggles | Pom Pom Hat | Infant/Toddler Bib |

| Pendant Necklace | Earring Cuff Chain | Earring Crawlers | Studded Ring | Twisted Ring | Teardrop Huggies | Wide Huggies | Engagement Ring | Flat Hoops | Beaded Huggies | Chain Hoops | Tennis Bracelet | Colorful Tennis Bracelet | Butterfly Necklace | Chain Necklace |

| Thick Chain Purse | Shoulder Moon Bag | Black Buckle Bag | Faux Crocodile Bag | Quilted Belt Bag | Gucci Dupe Bag | Tan Quilted Bag | Black Buckle Bag | Quilted Chain Bag | Diamond Quilted Black Bag | Open Top Quilted Bag | Cream/Brown Belt Bag | Black Flap Quilted Bag | Faux Leather Tweed Looking Cream Bag |

| 1. Brown Aviators | 2. Cat Eye 2 Pack | 3. Tortoise Shell/Black Sunnies | 4. Tortoise Shell Round Sunnies | 5. Tortoise Shell Round Sunnies | 6. Pink Sunnies | 7. Tortoise Shell Sunnies | 8. Rectangle 2 Pack | 9. Gold/Black Sunnies | 10. Gold Black Square Sunnies |

| Silicone Brush Holder | Snail Mucin Essense | Lip Mask | Travel Brush Set | Yummy Lip Gloss | Liquid Castsuit Lipstick | Saie The Big Brush | The Mighty Patch | Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Saie Super Glowy Serum | La Roche Posay Body Cream | TonyMoly Snail Mucin Eye Serum Ball | Falsies LashLife Mascara | Travel Makeup Bag | NYX Eyebrow Gel | Smiley Bag | Kiss Press On Lashes | Butter Bronzer | Light Up Mirror | Makeup Sponge Holder |

| Klorane Dry Shampoo | Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner | Claw Clips | Long Barrel Curling Iron | Mielle Rosemary Hair Oil | Hair Mask | Big Scrunchies | Elvive Hair Treatment | Eyebrow/Lash Combs | Silicone Heat Mat | Brow Tint | Colorful Claw Clips | Big Scrunchies |

| Gold/White Pencil Cup | Frixion Erasable Pens | Planner Sticker Packs | Desk Mat | Calculator (has other colors) | 3 Pack Scissors | Planner | Pink Notepads (has other colors) | Outlet Pedestal | Sticky NotesDesk Pin Boards | Wireless Mouse | Monitor Memo Board | Desk To Do List | Workout Stickers for Planner |

| Gold Teaspoon | Nonstick Pan | Ceramic Ramekins | Big Spatula for Cookies | Masher | Tea Towels | Utensil Organizer | Mug | Green Pinch Pot | Can Glass Cups | Wood Utensils | Gold Kitchen Scissors | The Cheese Board Card Deck | Woody Jasmine Candle | Tea Spoons | Whiskey Glasses | Kitchen Towels | White/Wood Utensils | Chopper | Rechargeable Lighter | Candle Kit | Oven Mitts (lots of colors) | Reusable Baking Mats |

| Galaxy Lights | Wall Collage Kit | Disco Lights | Heart Tug | Flower Hooks | Tassel Basket | Glass/Gold Bin | Rattan Round Bin | Floral Pillow | Stuffed Succulent | Stuffed Tulip | Cat Basket | Ceramic Rabbit | Stuffed Animal Net |

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  • Thank you so much for the amazon guides of your favs. Do you have a link to your tanning face drops? I have been wanting to try a face tanner. I LOVE the body Tan ceuticals body mousse! Thanks so much!
  • Love it! Thank you!!
  • I love you and your fun family and your cute show. You always make me laugh! To me, there is nothing better than having fun and laughing! Thank you for that!
  • Watching you on HGTV changes my mood from ahh to happy.
  • You brighten my day. I look for to your posts and the sharing you do. I hope the tv show returns Also. Don change a thing
  • So far everything that you recommENDEd, that I was able to use has been great. thanks so much for bringing these products to us!