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May 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

At Age Eleven I Was Published In A Book. Here Is What Was Published (it’s breathtaking).

by Jennifer

Just thought I’d share something fun on this lovely Saturday morn’.

I know that my writing has changed a lot over the years, heck, my writing has changed a lot since my first blog post last July (there were so many typos).

But this gem is real different. This poem was resurrected when a classmate posted it on Facebook recently, and I’m so glad she did. Because of this poem, I was able to remember what life was like in the year 1999. What really mattered to me as an eleven-year-old child. I was a fifth grader, and I was selected as one of the few students who were to be published in a book. Where is this book? What is this book called?

No clue.

Here I am in the fifth grade, rocking my Tommy Hilfiger turtle neck and Limited Too lime fleece vest.

FullSizeRender (75)

But here is the poem that launched me into stardom.

Or launched me into sixth grade. That is the only place I was launched. 

Grab some tissues, it gets deep.

“The Rodeo”

By: Life as a Rambling Redhead in the fifth grade.


My favorite line? “It feels like Heaven, we all know, when you win a prize in a rodeo.

or, “but when you ride them it seems faster not slow” – definitely a close second.

So poetic. So deep…. so hick.

If you couldn’t tell, I loved horses and competing in play-days (rodeos for children).

This was it, guys. This was the start of my blogging career. Mrs. Karen Pillars saw raw talent. I mean, it’s almost exactly the same tone as I have now, right?

Would you still follow my blog if I wrote about horses and rodeo prizes?

don’t answer that in the comments section.

-Until the next time this redhead rambles.

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  • Keep it up, I love your INSTANtgrand
  • This is so adorable Jen. Also, very brilant for a 5th grader, such wisdom. I loved that you shared this treasure. Thank you! Yes! I would be reading your horse blog too, I love horses and rode them when I was younger. Many Blessings to you and your sweet family.