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May 1, 2024 | Uncategorized

Mother’s Day (Mostly Amazon) Gift Guide for EVERY Mom!

by Jennifer

Happy Wednesday, guys! I got quite a few DMs asking if I was doing a Mother’s Day gift guide this year and I wanted to share just in time for the big day! 🙂

I truly believe that there is something in this gift guide for every “type” of mom! I present to you, another year of Meet the Moms, a fun spin on different interests you or the mother in your life may have! From the crafting mom to the sporty mom, there are over 100 items on here (most of which I personally own and love) that would make amazing Mother’s Day gifts! I hope you enjoy the special day, whether it’s getting out of the house to be pampered, a day at home relaxing, or just a normal day hanging out with the family – I’ve had many Mother’s Days that looked like this! Happy Mother’s Day to all of my beautiful fellow mamas, YOU are so special and are making a huge difference on your children and family. I hope you feel so loved!

Happy Shopping!

|1. Grey Pullover Lulu Dupe |2. Nike Socks |3. Fleece Vest |4. Booty Bands |5. Brumate Tumbler |6. Hidden Scrunch Leggings |7. Belt Bag |8. Smiley Hat |9. Sunnies |10. Platform Adidas |11. Grey Pullover Free People Dupe |12. Ankle Resistance Bands |13. Taupe Sporty Bag |14. Small Portable Water Bottle |15. Tennis Bag |

|1. Gold Citizen Watch |2. Florist Perfume |3. Shark Hair Styler |4. Hourglass Highlighter Palette |5. Beauty Elixer Spray |6. Jet Lag Mask |7. Veja White Sneakers |8. Rare Beauty Blush |9. Tatcha Dewy Cream |10. Honey Hair Oil |11. Bow Earrings |12. Cateye Sunnies |13. Genifique Youth Serum |14. Idole Perfume |15. Slow Burn Candle |16. Sony Headphones |

|1. Gouache Paint Set |2. Brother Sewing Machine |3. Silver Brush Ultra Mini Set (Nice Brush Brand!)  |4. Cart for Cricut & Accessories |5. Sewing Box with Supplies |6. French Easel |7. Portable Folding Watercolor Set |8. Cricut Machine (with paper and Supplies) |9. Crocheting Kit |10. Prismacolor Colored Pencils |11. Cordless Gluegun |

|1. Whipped Tallow Balm |2. Berkey Water Filter |3. Bread Making Kit |4. Live Plants |5. Cast Iron Pan |6. Hydroponic Indoor Garden |7. Beeswax Wraps |8. Compost Bin (lots of cute colors!) |9. Chemex |10. Market Bag |11. Stainless Steel Bento Box |12. Dutch Oven Pan |13. Zero Waste, Plant-Based Cookbook |14. Plant-Based Mocktail Book |

|1. Kindle (waterproof) |2. Homebody Mug |3. Espresso Machine |4. Weighted Blanket |5. Homebody Candle |6. Homebody Sweatshirt |7. Hair Mask |8. Fuzzy Blanket |9. Neck Massager |10. Lounge Set |11. Robe |12. Sheet Set |13. House Shoes |14. Rechargeable Lighter |

|1. iPad |2. Airpod Pros |3. Apple Airtags |4. Apple Airpod Max’s |5. Hatch Alarm |6. Audio Technica Record Player |7. Sony 4K Camera |8. Blue Light Glasses |9. Bookshelf Speakers for Record Player |10. Gooseneck Phone Stand |11. Portable Phone Charger |12. Ember Mug |13. Ring Doorbell |14. Raycon Earbuds | 15. Fitbit Tracker |

|1. Rectangle Sunnies |2. Gucci Dupe Purse |3. Black Trench Coat |4. Bottega Venneta Dupe Purse |5. Black Boots |6. Gold/Black Watch |7. Saie Glowy Gel |8. Cream Bronzer |9. Black Purse with Buckle |10. Lip Gloss |11. Claw Clips |12. Saie Brush |13. Belt Bag |14. Flat Gold Chain |15. Gold Chain |16. Teardrop Earrings |17. Flat Iron |18. Black Top |

|1. Pasta Grannies Cookbook |2. Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker |3.  Pan Set of 11 |4. Pasta Machine |5. Pasta Rollers & Cutters |6. Knife Set of 3 |7. What’s for Dessert Cookbook |8. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook |9. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups |10. 14 Cup Food Processor |11. Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Holder |12. Butter Bell |13. Walnut Thick Cutting Board with 3 Built In Compartments on one side! |14. XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board for Countertops (smaller sizes available also) |15. The Cheese Board Deck  |16. The Wine & Cheese Board Deck |

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