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May 8, 2018 | Motherhood

My Biggest Announcement Yet… Why I’ve been (kind of) MIA.

by Jennifer

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this moment! The moment where I can explain why I’ve been MIA from Instagram, flaky on my live broadcasts and just overall missing from blog-life…

We’ve got a “Bonus Babe” in the oven. y’all!


That’s right, I’m preggers! We’ve done it again. Literally. One time. (Use this story as an example for your hormonal teens.)

Proof that it only takes one time coming this OCTOBER! We are so pumped for our BONUS BABY! (Because “ooops” or “surprise baby” sounds way too honest.)

Yes, we all are EXCITED! The day I found out the news, however, well… let’s just say I didn’t know I was excited yet. There were no tears, no fits of anger, of course… but I just kind of wanted to ignore it until my brain had time to process what was about to happen to our lives. You know, like everything changing and just the simple fact that we were about to add another human ball of stress and needs into this already very loud family.

But once I slept on it my maternal instincts were in full swing and I woke up pumped to meet this baby!

I’m 15 weeks along as of today! I kept this secret for sooooooo long, you guys. I’m actually proud of myself. (Hold up, let me dust off my shoulder real quick…)

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In more serious news….

If you have been following my live broadcasts regularly, you are familiar with my “hormonal journey” (sounds dramatic) that I’ve been on this past year. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos last summer, I’ve always struggled with hypothyroidism and I have been in an awesome place the last few months since I started getting a pellet of Testosterone inserted into my butt cheek (you’re so freaking welcome for that fun mental image you just got from that descriptive sentence). I have felt SO GOOD. My energy is amazing and all of my hormones are leveling out for the most part.

Crazy thing- I didn’t even have to take progesterone pills with this pregnancy like I had with my last two pregnancies in order to keep my unborn kiddos alive and kicking.

I miscarried my first pregnancy back in 2012 and my current OBGYN found that my progesterone was critically low, which is the hormone that keeps the baby alive until the placenta can take over and do it’s job. (Read A letter to the child I never met here.) I really do feel like I was spared another miscarriage because of her, considering that the OBGYN I had been seeing during the miscarriage didn’t want to check my hormones until I miscarried three times. INSANE. I still shake my head at that man.

With all of this being said, I would love for my fellow Christians to add my sweet “chicken nugget” to their prayer list if at all possible. I have had to see a high risk doctor due to my elevated testosterone level. What was a blessing in my overall well being is considered too high for a baby, from what we are being told, nothing too serious can come from it but the fact that any doctor feels the need for more opinions, sonograms and blood work never sits well with a pregnant Mama Bear… amiright?!

God is in control and I mean it when I say that I am not worried. I have a strange but comforting peace about it. I feel like my Mom put it best when she told me, “We know too much for our own good these days because of technology. We would have NEVER known if our Testosterone level was too high when I was pregnant!”

And I’m clinging to that mentality. It’s great that we have the info but nothing can be done about it anyways, we can’t remove the teeny tiny pellet and my T-level keeps dropping (as the pellet absorbs into my system) so I pray and ask for any extra prayers along the way 🙂 I have been blessed with two beautiful children and I have no doubt that this peanut will fit in perfectly!

Just wanted to give you all the details since I sure it will be mentioned in my live broadcasts from time to time! You are now up to speed!

If you have read up to this point I just want to say that you are amazing. I appreciate your support and continued involvement in this community that we have made here on this small thing called the internet. There are many reasons that I keep this blog alive and if you weren’t here reading and watching there would be no reason to write my rambles. I feel like I can now say that this blog has changed my life and it not sound dramatic… because it really has changed my life and given me with so many cool opportunities that I would have never had otherwise.

I honestly love being able to share all of these crazy life-surprises with you!

And now you’ll never hear from me again because I’m going to have three children.

Nice knowin’ ya.


Until the next time this redhead rambles. 

*Funny story-

I posted this picture on my personal FB account last week and only one person caught what my shirt said in the background… good eye, girl!


Berkley in her beloved Frozen dress. She wears it everyday.

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!! all the best for you and your family Jenn!
  • Congrats jenn!!! So surprised and over the moon happy for you and your family. Now it explains why you weren’t participating in wine Wednesday’s. Haha. ?
  • Congratulations! So excited to watch your journey ?
  • How awesome!! Congratulations to you and your family!! Thoughts and prayers for your whole family!! Love ya!! ❤️
  • You have brightened up my day no end with your AMAZING news...congratulations to you & Mike I will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers until the pitter patter off tiny feet are delivered safely into the Todryk family. 3 kiddos is amazing (that’s how many I have although mine are nearly all grown up now) how exciting for Berkley to become a BIG sister & for Von too... Much love & best wishes to you all X
  • Very exciting news! I will be praying for you and your bonus baby! I called my third, born 7 years after the first two kiddos, my blessing baby!! ? congrats to all!
  • Congrats I am so happy for u and your family. I will be praying for u and your baby . Great news
  • Congrats Jenn!! I will keep you and your little nugget in my prayers ??. I had to take progesterone after two miscarriages, I took it with two pregnancies then had another two that were fine without it and had two more misscarriages. My dr wasn’t sure that it was ever what made the difference in mine anyway? 3 of those pregnancies were after my 3rd baby and I thought 3 was a great number!! (If you followed that it was 4 healthy pregnancies and 4 losses) God had a plan for me just like he does for you! Xo -Jen
  • That’s awesome! Congratulations to you all! Praying for a healthy “nugget” and momma! ??
  • Congratulations! Prayers sent your way!
  • Oh my gosh I totally called it!! I told my sister I thought you were because you put a heart over your shirt in the family photo from Disney ? congrats!!!!
  • I knew it was coming girl! Call it a 6th Sense, but pretty sure I've said it a few times in your lives ? CONGRATS you and Mike are awesome parents! No doubt you will be one to this lil peanut too! I'd wanna be ur kid, but I'll have to settle with a great internet friend. Prayers for a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby. Much love?
  • Congratulations! And then, here's a haha moment; I'm so accustomed to watching, listening and laughing with your "rambling" comments on IG stories, that when I opened this email...i was looking to see where to turn up the volume!!! I'm still laughing (quietly to myself, bc my husband doesn't get that I watch you gals on IG stories...I'm 71!:-)!)
  • Congratulations!!! I'm sooooo excited for you guys. ❤️❤️ Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. IllI be praying your "chicken nugget" is growing strong and healthy. God Bless Maria
  • As soon as I saw the T-shirt I knew! Congrats girl and good luck and blessings abound. Your going to need them!
  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. I will definitely keep you and your baby in my prayers!
  • Congratulations to you and your family!!! Those little extra blessings are so much fun! Keep your chin up and we will definitely add your little nugget to our prayers. But you and the rest of your fam too. Can never have too many prayers going up.
  • Congratulations Jenn and Mike!!! You bet I'll be praying for your"chicken nugget". My cousin is in very similar situation, she has hypothyroidism, too, and they just found out they're pregnant, so I'll add your family to my prayer list. I feel funny saying this, but I love you, Jenn, and thank you for blessing us with your blog and sharing your family with us. You've made yourself very vulnerable, and I see how even in the midst of attacks, God has given you discernment and wisdom, and I am in awe of the grace you display. May He continue to protect you and your family. Love you, sis, and Congratulations!!! Aaaahhh! So awesome!!! Mwah!!!
    • I don't know why my profile pic is a picture of Ethan Hawke! ?
  • WOW! Jenn! You and Mike are awesome! Your amazing crew is now expanding? Congratulations to your family look forward to following you on this journey! ???
  • Praying for you????????
  • Congratulations! I’m a mama of 6 with 6 bonus babies! (Yay fertile mertle!) everything is going to be just fine. I was high risk for my last two which was mostly just monitoring but lots of extra sonos were fun and so reassuring!
  • Awe! Congrats. Three is a perfect amount of littles. Will keep you in my prayers. I have hashimotos and hyperthyroid so I know what your going through. God will see you through. xo
  • Congratulations! Love that I was recommended to follow you and your ramblings! Blessings my dear ????❤️
  • Congratulations!!! from a Polish mum od 3 living in Germany, reading a us blog (so small is the world right now! ?). Adding You to my prayer’s list!
  • Congratulations. We have 3 kiddos and it's just the best (as long as you have good wine on tap)!
  • Love LOVE your show and you! I also have hoshimotis and i feel like crap. Bleh. What do you do to keep healthy? I have a precious 31-year-old special needs daughter. Don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I totally need to stay healthy and be able to care for her and I definitely need to outlive her.any direction would be helpful. Thanks Jenn