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December 8, 2019 | Life

My Disney Frozen 2 World Premiere Red Carpet Experience With LEGO!

by Jennifer

Never thought I’d type out that title for a blog post! 😂 I’m sitting here looking back on pictures that I can put into this post for y’all and it’s still hard to believe that little ole’ me was asked to interview the cast of Frozen 2 for LEGO. I swear, I’m you. A mom who wears the same yoga pants a few days in a row and is no longer phased by finding a booger in her hair that didn’t come from her own nose. I‘m really not the best fit for the red carpet, but holy cow, was I honored! 🤩

First “behind the scenes” tid bit I want to spill is that that these red carpet events are A LOT of work! We sat and watched crew after crew come in and build this set days before it started. Artists painting by hand, security around the clock, people camping out days before hand just to catch a glimpse of the celebrities… it’s wild. 😳

Taking over Lego’s IG stories. I don’t look weird at all… 🙈😂

On my end it was more mental labor… I think the hardest part for me was having my kids with me 😂 I am SO grateful that LEGO had them come with me because it was a once in a lifetime experience for me and my family, but having Von lay on the red carpet because he was “dehydrated and didn’t drink enough water in the hotel room before walking so far” definitely added stress as Kristen Bell approached me. I’ve got people prepping me on questions I need to ask in one ear and Von on the brink of death sprawled out on the carpet on the other side of me 😬. kids will always be kids. And it‘s TRUE. Don’t get me wrong, the kids did AMAZING! But there were small things that definitely added stress to moments that were already adrenaline pumping to the max. It really took “working around your kids” to an entirely new level. 😂

Not sure why we’re pointing!

My kids are homebodies just like their Mama, that was solidified this trip! A six and four year old don’t care about celebrities, sights of Hollywood, or good food… give them adjoining hotel rooms, room service, and room phones they can call each other on 5,482 times and they are SET. Once we saw the Hollywood sign in the hills they were good to bunker up in the hotel the remainder of the trip. 😂 As for me being a homebody- I’m not so much on trips, so sitting in a hotel room was a little underwhelming for Mike and I! Luckily, my assistant came along with us to help watch Vivi during the premiere so she stayed in the room one night while the kids slept so Mike and I could grab dinner in Hollywood. So fun and very needed! Moral of the story- WE GOT A DATE NIGHT OUT OF THIS GIG. 😂

Us at the after party!

As far as famous people, this may be all you’re reading this for! All of the celebrities were very nice! I had a sweet lady hold my phone and film anything and anyone “famous” since I wasn’t allowed to have my phone. 😂 So many rules about how many people can stand where, who can approach who etc. SO much stuff behind the scenes that doesn’t get shown along with celebs posing in pretty dresses!

I was also a photographer 😎

My honest review of Frozen 2: the music is so good. Into the Unknown (Elsa) and When I’m Older (Olaf) were my absolute favorites! This movie is definitely darker/deeper than the first Frozen. I still loved it but it’s definitely a different feel and Olaf was very needed for comedic release. 😂 There is a part in the movie where Elsa is watching flashbacks of her Mom and she’s trying to hold back tears and it looks like you’re watching an actual human try not to cry. I teared up and I am NOT one to do that with animated movies! They pull at the emotions more with this one and it’s SO dang realistic. It’s so funny that little girls seem to be more obsessed with Elsa when Anna is clearly the star and the underdog who saves the day time after time. Berkley will go on and on about Elsa and I’m over here like, “But when ANNA…” 😂 She will always be Elsa obsessed but I SEE YOU, ANNA.

Also, I have a new appreciation for people who have to watch movies in formal attire- it’s about as comfortable as it sounds. Add your son spilling an entire bucket of popcorn down the aisle of the Dolby theater… super comfy. 🤗

What’s next? Who knows! 😂 My life in a nutshell. I’ve pretty much decided to buckle up and enjoy the ride because God keeps dropping some pretty cool and very unexpected things into our laps, all stemming from a blog. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible and I am so grateful for all of you who watch me and my family daily. I wouldn’t be here without such nice people like you supporting me in my small corner of the internet.

Shout out to this dress that didn’t fail me in this moment. 😂

For now, we build LEGO sets. But for real. 😂 LEGO sent us ALL of the new Frozen 2 sets and they are beyond cool. I want to build Elsa’s castle myself but swore to Berkley that I wouldn’t touch it. 🙄😂 Thank you LEGO for sending us the ultimate Christmas gifts! You already gave my family such an awesome experience and memories, the LEGO sets were the icing on the cake! I’ve linked the LEGO sets we received here in case you need another Christmas gift idea! 🤗

Frozen II Enchanted tree house

Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation: This is super cute!

Anna’s Canoe Expedition

Arendelle Village Castle: GORGEOUS!

Elsa’s Castle: Obviously, Berkley’s top pick 🤗

With all of this being said… it was fun, exciting, a sprinkle of stress, and crazy cool! Whether you watched me frantically shop for a dress that was less than $3,000 In Neiman Marcus or was only watching for a sight of “Randall” from This Is Us, I appreciate you watching! 😂

Till the next adventure! ❤️


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  • I honestly couldn’t think of a better person for the job !! You did a great job. We are all so proud of you !!
  • Where did the footage go then? And where will it end up? Super cool experience and you are the right woman for the job but from a social media perspective I was expecting to see a lot more -not just from you but from Lego itself. I was kinda disappointed we didn’t see more. Guess I just didn’t see the overall purpose of it from a viewers perspective. Who was the audience? YOU were obviously amazing and looked like a million or at least a little bit more than $3000.
  • I just moved to the Dallas area from Minnesota what a adjustment..im living with my Daughter in Carrollton and moving in Janurary to another suburb not far from.. i reall enjoy watching your Family in your story's trying to agjust to a new way of life. I just want to say thank You for the Joy.
  • Great blog! Makes you wonder why folks even want to be famous with all those rules. Glad you were picked iand made it through the normal stressful kid times. You totally must have brightened up many of the celebrities lives for a moment at least.
  • This was so much fun to read! I’m glad that you guys got the invitation to go! What an honor!
  • You are such a doll! Love you and your little family! Agree on the darkness of Frozen 2, but still a great movie! Congratulations on the experience. You deserve it!
  • You a great family. Beautiful.
  • So neat! You looked amazing and I’m still amazed you did it with children there. Love your family. Also, shout out to Mike for being awesome. He just seems so supportive and helpful and fun with the kids. Praise hands for the awesome dads 🙌🏻 Congratulations again!
  • I love this!! What an amazing experience! Thankfully my kids know Anna is really the star is the show! 😂
  • Jen, this is truly magical! Just think, you made this happen just by being you and a ton of hard work! I love the narrative of your story and have been cheering you on from my home in Georgia! The pictures are all so good. I think you and Mike are amazing and so funny. You have such great kids and you keep all of us in hysterics with their, real life adventures. I hope you’re ready cause I think your magic carpet ride is just beginning. Can’t wait to see all of the places you will go! Thank you for letting us share all of the excitement with you. You got this....fingers crossed that all of your dreams really do come true❣️
  • Awesome thanks for sharing the “behind the scenes”, love that Lego was the reason for such a cool opportunity and they included your sweet family. Ours boys loved LEGO’s growing up and I’m sad to say we let go of them all a few job moves back but hey one day when there are grand kids we can enjoy them once more.
  • I love this and I watching you and your family! Thank you for taking us on your day to day along with the crazy adventures!
  • This was so cool to watch. I LOVED the movie so much.. I took my mom to see it after taking the kids. Gosh.. the way they made them look like they were sobbing.. My grandma passed away earlier this year, and with the holidays its been hard on my mom. I had to warn her that everything she's been holding in may burst out during the movie. I know I cried so many times.. I love the music. What a cool experience for y'all!!
  • I love everything about this and YOU!! Your kiddos will remember these moments for the rest of their lives :) From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!Keep up the good work, we love watching you all xoxo
  • Love all your pic! I just started following you and I really enjoy listening and reading all about you and your family. Thank you for being real...
  • Congrats on your once in a lifetime experience!! :) Love the photos shared and this blog. I especially love Elsa's castle too! All the heart eyes on that one LOL
  • I loved seeing your photos! So exciting, and congratulations!!
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