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April 22, 2020 | Motherhood

Most Recommended Baby Items of 2020!

by Jennifer


First off, thank y’all SO MUCH for recommending so many awesome products when I asked for suggestion in IG stories for my sister in law! This will be my first (blood) niece/ nephew and I am beyond excited! My youngest brother’s wife is expecting and I am unloading all of our gently used items on Paige but pretty clueless as what the “hottest” baby items are right now. All of Vivi’s things were way old!

Please note: Since these were all items recommended by Y’ALL here in this community, I do not have experience with all of them. However, if I included it in this post, just know that it was suggested multiple times!

Have fun shopping for those sweet babies! New moms: please know that babies actually need very little! I promise… you don’t need all of these items! Babies need food, kisses, snuggles, a bed, diapers and wipes… everything else is really just a convenience to us moms! Please don’t stress about having ALL THE THINGS! That baby doesn’t know what she’s sleeping in.

Ok, I’m done. Just had to say that. 🙂

Also- Kiwi Co lovers! For those who have asked about the Kiwi boxes for babies (Panda Crates) it’s normally not part of their discount promo but I begged for it to be included at least for a short amount of time and they did it! 🤩 Code REDHEAD at checkout gets you 30% off your first month! Y’all know we LOVE love love our monthly Kiwi Co boxes activity boxes, especially now while we have lots and lots and lots of at home time!

Another great baby product that I own and have shared on stories is the Hatch Baby sound machine. This sound machine also has the okay to wake light that turns green when it’s okay for your kid to leave their bed! You can have multiple programs (sound machines) set at the same time, they have been a game changer for us!


Halo Bassinet | Snoo Bassinet | Simmons Bassinet (cost effective) | Gaetan Bassinet (cost effective)


Doona stroller | Uppa Vista Stroller | Chico Travel System (cost effective) | Baby Jogger City Stroller (cost effective) | Mockingbird Stroller | Bugaboo chameleon | Quinny Stroller (good for trails) | BOB Stroller

Play Pens

4moms Packnplay | Portable Play Pen (cost effective) | 6 Panel Play Pen (cost effective)


Ergobaby carrier | BABYBJORN Carrier (cost effective) | Solly Baby Wrap | Sakura Bloom Scout | Wildbird Ring Sling

High Chairs

The high chair I currently use! | Oribel High Chair | Cosco High Chair (cost effective) | JOOVY Nook High Chair (cost effective)


Lotus Travel Crib | Newton Mattress | White Crib | Grey Blue Crib | Wood Convertible Crib


4moms Mamaroo | Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Swing | Infant to Toddler Rocker | Fisher-Price Cradle and Swing

Other Highly Recommended Products!

Formula Mixer | Bottle Sanitizer | DockATot | My Breast Friend Pillow | Comotomo Bottles | Nose Frida | SnuggleMe Lounger | Owlet Monitor | OXO Wipe Dispenser | Boppy Pillow | Bumbo | Door Bouncer | The activity jumper I have!

Hope this post helps just a little! Whether you’re making your baby registry, shopping for someone else, or just need new gear for a second, third, or fourth child, I tried to keep all of you in mind!

Have a great week, friends! God bless you and your sweet babes!

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  • Thank you! Our first is due in June and this is so very helpful.
  • Yes, yes, yes to the Owlet! I've used it with my third and fourth babies. Totally worth that price tag!
  • Great list! Any monitor recommendations?
  • Hi , i was wondering the name of Vivian's super soft rompers or sleepers?
  • Hi!! This post is awesome! ❤️ I was just curious if you have a link to Vivi’s cute, simple onesie jammies that she wears often? Thanks so much!
  • I don't have much to comment on because I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to baby gear. But I am a mom of 3 and expecting my 4th now, so I feel I'm pretty seasoned. For new mamas: 1. I highly recommend a travel system (meaning a car seat and a stroller the car seat can connect to.) It's so nice! and I would also say after using both, the jogger is heaven! Whether you jog or not (i don't) it is so much easier to maneuver. I have LOVED having a jogger) 2. For the baby carriers, spend the money and get the Ergo and/or the Solly wrap. I've used the baby bjorn and I've also used slings. TRUST ME your back will thank you for using the ergo and solly! 3. I used a nursing pillow with my first two and I didn't with my third. NOT WORTH IT! Let the nurses at the hospital show you how to set pillows up around you and you are good to go! Also, I've heard that the nursing pillow doesn't support the babies natural position to nurse and can affect their back, cause more spit ups, ect. just wanted to throw that out there, but my sister swears by nursing pillows, so to each their own. I hope that helps. Not trying to be a "know it all" with mom stuff, because I definitely do not, just wanted to give a "seasoned mom's" opinion. =) Congrats new mamas!
  • Thank you so much for putting this together! I’m expecting my first and was hoping for a list like this and I’m glad it’s from you.
  • Love this list! Very very good recommendations. Two other things I would recommend a lot to new moms: a good swaddle blanket (I love the Halo, Nested Bean Zen Swaddle, SwaddleMe, or the Love to Dream Swaddle Up) and a Hakka for breastfeeding mamas who also give bottles! I'm a sleep consultant, and I always recommend a good swaddle and a good white noise machine. Thanks for sharing this great list. You're right, babies really don't need all of the stuff. They're pretty easy to please. =)
  • Lotus travel crib is amazing! We’ve taken it SO many times to grandparents house, family visits and travel by air to Florida etc.
  • I love your sHow. And youR family is PRECIOUS.