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April 13, 2021 | Home Decor

7 Living Rooms Styled 7 Different Ways! Home Decorating Tutorials For All Styles!

by Jennifer

Hello, friends!


I feel like this post has been the most requested post for quite some time now! Below are seven different home decorating styles  with all products linked under each graphic! If I had to pick three favorites mine would be: Organic Modern, Mid Century, and Industrial! I love incorporating more than one “style” throughout my home or client’s house!


Rice Paper Wall Art | Black Chandelier | Rattan Planter | Abstract Throw Pillow | Geo Throw Pillow | Live Wood Mirrors | Marble Picture Frame | Wood Bowl | Cream Vase | Green Stems | Circle Mirror | Sideboard | Faux Tree | Floor Planter | Black Candle Sticks | Green Glass Jar | Metal Floor Lamp | Square Arm Sofa | Neutral Rug | Metal Side Table Set | Marble Lamp | Accent Chair | Dimpled Wood Coffee Table |


Hanging Shelf | Black Planter | Globe Chandelier | Mirror with Shelf | Floor Length Mirror | Pillow Cover Set | Circle Mirror | Cane Chair | Candle Holders | Gold Frames | Sideboard | Gold Base Table | Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Cream Couch | Drum Coffee Table | Stand Planter | Accent Pillow | Accent Chair |



Black Hanging Planter Set | Live Wood Mirrors | Wall Basket | Rattan Chandelier | White Wall Planter | Pedestal Bowl | Standing Mirror | Blanket Ladder | Vase Set | Entry Table | Rice Paper Wall Art | White Vase | Shaggy Accent Pillow | Rust Velvet Pillow | Throw Blanket | Rattan Bar Stool | Gold Lamp | Area Rug | Low Arm Couch | Gold Top Coffee Table | Small Fiddle Fig | Cream Cane Chair |



Mountain Art | Small Flower Art | Flower Drawing Art | Gold Chandelier | Cane Basket | Faux Flower Basket | Pink Vase | Gold Shelf Décor | Brass Mirror | Yellow Flower Art Set | Sideboard | Yellow Knit Pillow | Pink Medallion Pillow | Face Vase | Eucalyptus Tree | Area Rug | Cream Sofa | Cement Cane Vase | Gold Floor Lamp | Rose Quartz Frame | Coffee Table | Pink Chair |



Flower Wall Art | Soft Gold Chandelier | Navy Throw Blanket | Glass Candle Holders | Picture Frame | Circle Mirror | Blue Vase | Blue and White Ginger Jar | Striped Ottoman | Gray Lamp Set | Wood Credenza | Eucalyptus Tree | White Planter | Area Rug | Beige Couch | Wood Coffee Table | Floral Pillow | Two Tone Pillow | Accent Chair |



Farmhouse Dining Table | Chandelier | Corbel Bookends | Black Dining Chairs | Two Tone Blanket Ladder | Decorative Vase | Olive Stems | Entry Table | Candle Holders | Throw Blanket | Wood Lamp | Wall Shelf and Hanger | Cream Planter | Curved Mirror | Eucalyptus Tree | Plant Basket | Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Cream Couch | Glass and Wood Coffee Table | Metal Side Table | Leather Accent Chair |


Black Hanging Planter | Industrial Chandelier | 3 Piece Mirror Shelf Set | Leather Bench | Wall Mirror | Wood and Metal Sideboard | Accent Pillow | Circle Pillow | Decorative Vase | Bar Stool | Gold Decorative Accent | Wood Shelves | Black Marble Bookends | Area Rug | Cream Wood Couch | Cement Side Table | Wood Top Coffee Table | Metal Floor Lamp | Leather Chair |

I mentioned a couple weeks back that Obe Fitness reactivated my 50% off code REDHEAD (Click HERE) for any of y’all who were interested in trying an at home workout program! I’ve been using their on-demand classes now for about seven moths and I am still very happy with the variety of classes (so many) and how inexpensive it is, even without the 50% off! Highly recommend trying if you are looking to workout from home!

Hope y’all have an awesome week! There honestly are a ton of home decor styles. I’m a big fan of mixing a few of the styles shown above instead of only claiming one. I just can’t make that commitment to just one! Did I miss your favorite home decor style? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get to workin’ on the next round-up!

Thanks for reading! God bless!

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