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October 13, 2021 | Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guides For the Entire Fam! *I’m Shopping Early This Year*

by Jennifer

Christmas in October! 

Gift guides in October is a first for me and while I realize this seems crazy early for Christmas ideas, I have heard from WAY too many of y’all in the retail space that shipping is going to be horrible this year. I’m not going lie, I also am very motivated to be DONE shopping early this year so I can just enjoy the month of December. What a thought… to not be last minute shopping and to be able to wrap gifts a few at a time while watching a Christmas movie *bliss*.

I will continue to add to this post during November and into December, so save this in you plan to shop a little closer to Christmas! I will also shop other retailers’ sales, I only started with Amazon because that’s where I started with my own shopping. I personally own a lot of these items while other products I went based off of recommendations from friends and family and customer reviews!

Check back weekly to see the updated guides!

The Gift Guide for Every Woman

Purple Travel Bag | Ember Mug | Eye Massager | Robot Vacuum | Neck Massager | Speaker with Clip | Gold Huggie Hoops | Shower Speaker | Bioionic Curling Iron | Backpack | Nike Shoes | Bath Caddy | Beetles Nail Starter Kit | Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite | Hair Dryer & Styler | Brumate | Wine Glasses | Airpod Pros | Travel Bag | Fuzzy Sweater | Fossil Purse |

The Gift Guide for Young Girls (Basically Berk’s wishlist)

Tracing Pad | Kid’s Makeup Kit | Underwater Camera | Piggy Bank | Paint by Sticker | Flower Garden | Coding OSMO | Lockable Diary | Electric Scooter | Knee and Elbow Pads | Roller Blades | Dog Bookmarks | Wall Holder | Reading Pillow | Fairy Lights | Slime Kit | Gem Art | Bath Bombs |

The Gift Guide for the Plant Lover

Raised Garden Bed | Propagation Book | Disco Ball Planter | Monstera Ginny Live Plant | Plant Mug | Expandable Garden Hose | Sticky Traps | Vine Clips | Tea Towel | Propagation Station | Funny Plant Stakes | Wild At Home Book (plant styling) | Terrarium | Faux Rubber Tree (For the wannabe plant lover!) | House Plant Book | Big Plant Book | Gold Large Planter | Solar Yard Lights | Rattlesnake Calathea | White Watering Can | Jack’s All Purpose Fertilizer |

The Gift Guide for Toddlers

Jewelry Box | Cashier Set | Pizza Oven Set | Unicorn Plush Toy | Princess Stickers | DIY Wand Kit | Pink Tent | Closet Set | Writing Tablet | Cleaning SetFancy Nancy Doll | Flower Toy Set | Ariel DollKaraoke Machine | Polly Pocket Backpack | Polly Pocket MallTia Twinkle Doll | Diner Set | Piano | Campfire Set |

The Ultimate Men’s Guide

Knife Set | West Point Shirt | Whiskey Glass Set of 4 | Cool Moisture Body Lotion | Multitool Kit | Body Bar | Geometric Glass Set of 2 | Multitool | Black Reserve Body Lotion | Pour-Over Coffee Maker | W-King Speaker | Slip-on Sneaker | Universal Socket Grip | Contour Gauge ShapeBBQ Tool Set Flannel Shirt | Wallet | No Cut Gloves | Polo Shirt | Bourbon Quote Tea Towel |

The Gift Guide for the Neat Freak

E-Cloth | Stain & Odor Eliminator | Adjustable Duster | DynaTrap | Toilet Light | Cordless Vacuum | Steam Mop | Steam Mop Cleaner Pads | The Pink Stuff  |  Window Track Brush | Microwave  Steam Cleaner | Car Cleaning Tools | Drill Brush Power Scrubber | Rubbermaid Power Scrubber | The Home Edit Book | Life- Changing Organization Book | Cleaning Planner | Kitchen Cloth Pack | Cleaning Bucket |

The Gift Guide with all the Kitchen Things

Baking Set | Pasta Machine | Thermometer | Non-stick pan | Coffee Maker | Food Processor | Spice Rack | Oven Mitts | Mixer | Salad Spinner | Ninja Processor | Non-stick pan with lid | Cheese Board | Knife SetRocking Chopper | Food Container Storage | Wood Peg Board |

The Gift Guide for the Techy

Phone Charger | VR | Projector | Wireless Keyboard & Mouse | Tech Tools Kit | Robot Vac | Mic | Camera & Accessories | Soundbar | Gimbel | Echo Auto | Apple Pen | LightStrip (lights match the TV tone) | Sound Board | Echo Glasses | Apple iPad |

The Gift Guide for the Boys

Laser Tag Guns | 3D Pen | Space Book | 5,000 Interesting Facts Book | Microscope | Kaboom Game | Snap Circuit Jr. | Hot Wheels Track | Robot | Action Camera | VTech Smart Watch | Snap Circuits Pro | Blue Drone | Knowledge Book | Scrabble Jr. | Genius Starter Kit | Grey Drone | Flashing Cube | Smart Globe | Walkie Talkies | Gear Bots | Headphones | Scooter | Star Wars Lego |

The Gift Guide for the Teen Girls

Smiley Face House Shoes | Bedside Table | Ring Light Setup | Silicone Heat Mat | Sunnies | Twisted Hoops | Polaroid Camera | Curling Iron | Hair Mask | Phone Stand | Kaboodle | Thick Hoops | Phone and Apple Watch Charger | Color Changing Smart Bulbs | Phone Wallet | Airpods | Sunnies | Makeup Mirror | Fjallraven Backpack | Claw Clip Pack | Dr. Marten Classic 1460’s |

The Gift Guide for Teen Boy’s

Skateboard | Spikeball | Mini Fridge | Nintendo Switch | Nike Slides | Light Up Keyboard & Mouse | Airpod Max’s | Water Bottle | Longboard | Gaming Chair | Nike Airmax Sneakers | Bluetooth SpeakerDrone | Bendy Phone Stand | Glow in the Dark Basketball | Nike Hoodie | Light Strips | Croc’s |

Parents of teens… I didn’t forget about you. I’m having to do rigorous research since I don’t have teenagers, it’s coming next, I promise! 🙂 Like I said, many more to come! As always, thanks for trusting me enough to help with your holiday shopping. Your trust is basically everything to me!

…. I’m not saying Merry Christmas yet because, just no. lol.

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