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January 18, 2022 | Home Decor

The Color Series: Spring Home Decor Edition!

by Jennifer

The post-Christmas shock is REAL over here y’all. 😂

I swear, my house gets 1,000 sq ft larger after all of the Christmas décor and clutter is boxed up and out of sight.

Anyone else love the open-ness?!

I associate that airy, almost freeing feeling with the Spring season! Spring brings purging, deep cleaning, beautiful outdoor scenery, allergies, and COLOR.

While I love neutrals for all of my base décor and furniture, I love adding in pops of color into my home as everything starts getting more colorful outside. ☺️ Green has become a neutral in my home decorating as I am trying very hard to keep plants alive. I, Jennifer Todryk, am a proud plant parent with surviving plant babies. I love bringing nature into my indoor spaces which is what lead me to clipping tree branches to put in vases several years ago!

Here are some trending color palettes to keep in mind as you find little décor treasures to personalize your space. Remember, not every piece of décor has to be ONE color! Mix and match! Have fun with it. If it brings you joy in your home, then you’re doing it right. ❤️

Spring also brings FITNESS! My Obé fitness code is reactivated! Y’all can try a month of workout classes for free with code REDHEADMONTH. Unlimited classes, completely free. There are over 6,000 online classes and honestly the perfect workout solution for moms, like me, who can’t get away from the house easily. Mine is time… going to the gym is just too much TIME, when I can do a 15 minute workout and jump right back into work. Also, I just like being at home LOL. Y’all should try it out! I’ve been using it for well over a year!

Accent Pillow | Brown Vase | Faux Candles | White and Brown Vase Set | Faux Rubber Tree | Floor Basket | Wood Table Décor | Light Wood Sideboard | Circle Vase | Black & White Wall Art | Wood Lamp | Black Candlesticks | Cream Blanket | Black Floor Lamp | Footed Planter | Marble Bookends | Wood Vase | Wood Tray | Dark Grey Couch | Area Rug | Wood and Metal Side Table | Black Coffee Table | Wood Accent Chair |

| Floral Bouquet | Terracotta Lamp | Faux Plant | Accent Pillow | Terracotta Bowl | Floor Basket | Wood Sideboard | Brown Candlesticks | Orange Tree Art (digital art!) | Terracotta Vase | Orange Blanket | Octagon Trays | Wood Floor Lamp | Wall Planters | Orange Glasses | Cream Couch | Area Rug | Leather Ottoman | Wood Side Table | Leather Chair |

| Faux Tulips | Grey Marble Tray | White Vase | Pink Fuzzy Blanket | Macramé Hanging Planter | Gold Candlesticks | Pink Circle Vase | Colorful Wall Art | Wood Sideboard | Small Nesting Baskets | Grey Cement Bowl | Pink Velvet Ottoman | Floor Basket | Wood Floor Lamp | Pink Planter Set | Circle Wood Tray | Marble Bookends | Raised Planter | Cream Couch | Pink Area Rug | Metal Coffee Table | Pink Velvet Chair |

| Wood Tray Trio | Pink and Yellow Planter | Yellow Grid Pillow | Yellow Stripe Pillow | Yellow Lumbar Pillow | White Circle Vase | Marble Bookends | Small Bud Vases Set | Light Wood Sideboard | Floral Wall Art | Wall Baskets | Magazine Holder | Gold Floor Lamp | Wood Table Décor | Wood Circle Tray | Faux Tulips | Faux Stem in Vase | Mustard Couch | Area Rug | Wood Coffee Table | Cream Accent Chair |

| Purple Accent Pillows | Pedestal Stand | Black Bookends | Wall Baskets | Arch Mirror | Circle Wood Tray | Wood Sideboard | Digital Wall Art Set (digital art that you print yourself in any size!) | Purple Planter | Purple Floral Bouquet | Dark Lilac Throw Blanket | Black Floor Lamp | Black and White Vases | Small Nesting Baskets | Black striped Pillow | Black Candlesticks | White Couch | Black and Wood Side Table | Wood Coffee Table | Area Rug | Wine Accent Chair |

| Cement Bowl | Blue Accent Pillows | Basket Tray | Faux Olive Tree | Wood Sideboard | Blue Vase | Coastal Wall Art | One Handle Vase | Blue Throw Blanket | Soapstone Table Décor | Handle Vases Trio | Velvet Blue Stacking Ottoman | Wood Floor Lamp | Basket With Lid | Faux Hanging Plant | Wood Bookends | Grey Couch | Area Rug | Wood Coffee Table | Blue Accent Chair |

| Striped Pillows | Planter | Landscape Art | Wood Tray Trio | Wood Link Chain | Faux Tulips | Black Sideboard | Circle Wood Mirror | White Planters | Propagation Tubes and Holder | Black Floor Lamp | Wood Candlesticks | Vase Trio | Green Throw Blanket | Cream Couch | Area Rug | Coffee Table | Leather Accent Chair |

It’s not Spring yet but Winter decor post Christmas doesn’t really exist in my house because it tends to be warm in February and we be swimmin’ come March. So Spring decorating starts around January 1 (or Jan 14th this year since that’s how long my Christmas decor stayed out lol!) Whether you’re decorating for Spring or soaking in every day of Winter, have a wonderful week!

As always, I appreciate you being here, caring enough to read my words and trust my recommendations 🙂 Your trust is something I will never take for granted. God Bless!

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  • Thanks for all of your ideas. For Sharing your talent, and just your wonderful personality! I'm hoping to see a second season of your awesome show!