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January 18, 2023 | Style

The Neutral Color Series

by Jennifer

Quite possibly my favorite color series to date! I love neutrals because they neverrrrr go out of style. No matter what your design aesthetic is in your home, neutral decor is needed, dare I say, a must! Below are some of my favorite home decor and fashion items from Amazon all categorized by color. While it feels like it’s already Spring here in Dallas, Texas due to the abnormally warm weather, This post is mainly focused on winter… warm and cozy! The coziest of blankets, ceramic vases, comfy sweaters, to my favorite kitchen cleaning cloths that just happen to be gray, this post is random and packed with Amazon’s finest!

Happy shopping!

| Candle Holders | Sugar Pot w/Lid | Tassel Blanket | Cream Mules | Coffee Table Book Set (Empty Books for Decorating) | Cream Set of Donut Vases | Cream/Brown Purse | Ceramic Pitcher | Cream Belt Bag | Marble Tray | Cream Sweater | Cream Boots | Cloud Sandal | Cream Cable Knit Arm Sweater |

| Ember Mug | Black & Gold Watch | Black Sperry Boots | Belt Bag | Sunglasses | Extra Long Curling Iron | Arch Mirror | Hand-painted Terracotta Vase | Black Marble Pinch Pot | Black Abstract Candle Holder | Black Metal Candle Holders | Planter Trio | Black Bowl Vase | Smiley Hat | Throw Blanket | Black Sideboard |

| Round Hanging Baskets (or trays) | My Thick Jacket | Belt Bag | Small Nesting Baskets | Tan VaseTan Blanket | Smiley Socks | Basket | Kitchen Towels | Wood Measuring Cups | Fuzzy Cardigan | Nude Backpack | Bamboo Vase | Tan 2 Piece Set |

| My Fossil Purse | Brown Basket | Collared Sweater | MCM Chair | Checkered Blanket | Brown Beanie | Wood Spoon Rest | Wall Art | Brown Vase | Rattan & Clay Vase | Brown Sweater | Plaid Scarf | Vase with Handle | Corduroy Top |

| Fuzzy Sweater | Marble Pinch Pot | Portable Label Maker | White Faux Tulips | Toaster | Ember Mug | White Phone Stand | White Rubber Sandals | Matte White Terracotta Vase | White Bodysuit | White Blanket | Marble Bookends | Quilted Pullover | Extension Cord Tower | Robo Vac |

| Weighted Blanket | Carhart Beanie | Bissell Aeroslim | Henley Top | Grey Vase | Glass Faux Candles | Vase Trio | My Fave Bras | Concrete Planter | Grey Lumbar Pillow | Apple Airtags | Houseshoes | Grey Cardigan | Kitchen Cloths | No Show Socks | Laptop Tote Bag | Fluffy Robe |

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  • Jen! Thank you for putting the color series together for all of us. You did an amazing job! It’s very helpful!, ☺️
  • Love this show!!!!!

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