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May 19, 2023 | Style

The Eras Tour – Outfits!

by Jennifer

As you all know, I went to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour and it was AMAZING! Hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to and I was not expecting that, honestly. I have always loved Taylor and her music so I knew it would be a great experience but it was a GREAT show, the three hours flew by way too fast! I really love the Reputation album, at first I hated it lol but now it’s one of my favorites, so that is the album I dressed as for the concert. I wanted to find some cute Taylor inspired outfits from each era for those of you that will be going to her concerts in the next few months, there is also some great merch below for those who just need cute gift ideas! Each of these graphics include some cute and casual options for those of you that want more comfort, and also some fun over the top options for those of you who want to go ALL OUT! I will say, there wasn’t a single person that I saw at that concert that wasn’t a certain Era. I was very glad that I dressed up! It made for some cute pictures but also made the experience just that much more fun! Hope you find something you love!

| Yellow Floral Dress | 13 Temporary Tattoo | Cowboy Boots | Taylor Swift Shirt | Tim McGraw Lyrics Shirt | Picture to Burn Shirt | Clear Bag | Gold Hoops | White Maxi Dress | Levi’s Jean Shorts | Sneakers |

| Fearless Era Shirt | Gold Skirt | Romantic Dress | Fearless Shirt | Black Shorts | Gold Tassel Dress | White/Gold Keds | V Huggies | Mr. Perfectly Fine Shirt | Gold Clear Bag | Gold Combats |

| Enchanted Lyrics Shirt | Speak Now Sweatshirt | Long Live Lyrics Shirt | Sparks Fly Shirt | Clear Bag | 13 Earrings | Purple Dress | Shorts | Sparkly Sneakers | Purple High Tops | Flowy Skirt | Flare Jeans |

| Not A Lot Going On Shirt | Heart Glasses | Black Hat | Black Leather Shorts | All Too Well Shirt | Red Shorts | White/Gold Keds | Red Clear Bag | Red Keds | Striped Shirt | Red Sequin Dress | Red Cardigan |

| Black Glitter Cutout Top | Blue Metallic Skirt | Sequin Jacket | Seagull Sweatshirt | 1989 Polaroids Shirt | 1989 Shirt | Black Combats | Black Shorts | This Love Shirt | Clear Fanny Pack | White/Gold Keds |

| Snake Layered Necklace | Getaway Car Shirt | Leather Shorts | Look What You Made Me Do Shirt | Black Combats | Gold Snake Rings | White Clear Bag | Big Rep Shirt | Leather Skirt | Mesh Bodysuit | Karma Shirt | Fishnet Stockings | Thigh High Boots |

| Clay Heart Earrings | Butterfly Layered Necklace | Death by a Thousand Cuts | Flower Sleeve Top | Lover Sweatshirt | Pink Shorts | Blue High Tops | Cornelia Street Shirt | Pink Fanny Pack | Cruel Summer Shirt | Pink Heart Boots | Sheer Pink Top | Black Tank | Black Sequin Shorts | Sunglasses | Heart Earrings | Pink Fuzzy Jacket |

| Ivory Clear Bag | August Shirt | Plaid Skirt | Rugby Shirt | Cardigan | Corduroy Shorts | Socks | Black Combats | White/Gold Keds | Gold Earrings | Mirrorball Shirt | Mirrorball EarringsCream Dress | Plaid Pants |

| Long Flannel | Black Combats | Marjorie Shirt | Flower Headpiece | Lace Dress | Black Shorts | Brown Top | Champagne Problems Shirt | Cowboy Like Me Shirt | Black Clear Bag | Gold Earrings | Brown Sneakers |

| Purple Clear Bag | Sweet Nothings Shirt | Anti-Hero Shirt | Star Earrings | Star Dress | Bejeweled Headband | Bejewled Top/Earrings | Metal Gem Skirt Topper | Black Combats | Black Skirt | Purple Coat | Lavender Haze Shirt | Purple Skirt |

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