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April 4, 2024 | Beauty

Everything Amazon Beauty! Hair, Makeup, & Skincare!

by Jennifer

Happy Thursday or Friday, depending on when you’re opening this! Happy almost weekend! 🥳

I’ve been saying that I was going to do an updated blog post of the makeup/skin/hair products I’m currently using and it’s finally done! I kept it simple, only my favs are included. I do not use all of these things every single day, but all of these are currently in my rotation! I don’t know if you are like this but I tend to use my same makeup for a while, I’m pretty boring when it comes to makeup and get stuck doing the same thing I always do unless I have more time to sit and try a “new look”. Skin care is where I’m a little different,  I’ll tend to rotate things in and out of my regimen. For example, I’m using two night creams right now, I’ll just use them every other day and rotate between the two, if that makes sense.

Hair products I don’t have a lot of recommendation because I simply don’t use a lot! But all of these things are AWESOME!


Hope you enjoy some of these items as much as I do! Happy shopping and thanks for opening this email, I appreciate YOU. 🙂

| Tatcha Setting Powder | Rare Beauty Lip Liner in Shade Humble | Elf Lip Oil in Shade: Honey Talks | Summer Friday Lip Balm in Vanilla | Summer Friday Lip Oil in Shade Soft Mauve | Small Makeup Puffs | NYX Fat Lip Oil in Shade: My Main | NYX Fat Lip Oil in Shade: Scrollin | Yummy Lip Gloss | Patrick Ta Blush Set in Shade She’s That Girl | YSL Lash Clash in Brown | Redhead Revolution Mascara | Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black | Voluminous Mascara in Deep Burgundy | Naked Reloaded Palette| Saie Glowy Super Gel | Saie Big Brush | NYX Eyebrow Gel | Bye Bye Undereye Concealer | Revlon EyelinerMakeup Brush Set | Highlighter Powder | Saie Cream Bronzer | Makeup Sponges | Eyelash Curler | Merit Blush in Cheeky | CC Cream |

| Unite Detangler | Klorane Dry Shampoo | Curl Wrap Curling Iron | Smooth ID Straightener | Scrunchies | Mielle Rosemary Hair Oil | Claw Clips | Verb Hair Oil | Hair Mask | Claw Clips | Silicone Heat Mat |

| La Roche-Posay Cleanser | Face Cloths | Snail Mucin Essence | Snail Mucin Eye Cream | First Aid Beauty KP Body Scrub | Active Hydrogel | La Roche Posay Body Cream | Body Brush | Confidence in a Cleanser | La Roche-Posay Hyalu Serum | Milk Drops Serum | Confidence in a Cream | Oh! Mega Milk Facial Oil | Genifique Night Cream |

| Portable Makeup Brushes | Makeup Brush Holder | Beauty Sponge Holder | Cream Smiley Bag | Wash Wristbands | Toiletry Bag with Removable TSA Bag | Eyebrow Dye | Makeup Mirror with Lights |

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  • THANK YOU!!!! I am make up impaired lol This is sooooo helpful.