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May 4, 2020 | Beauty

My Skincare Regimen- Moisturizers, Oils, and Tanning!

by Jennifer

Happy Monday!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful week! This weekend I stepped away from IG to celebrate little Vonster turning SEVEN! 😭 My first baby is getting so old!

How are YOU? Mentally. Physically. All of it.😂 I can’t decide how I am feeling about all of this quarantine and social distancing… I’m about to spew thoughts so if you’re only interested in skin care, I get it and just keep scrolling down to the links. 🤗

Anyone else going up and down during this weird time? One week I feel like Mike and I are killing the work-from-home-while-homeschooling-and-keeping-everyone-alive game and then other weeks I am behind on turning in homework assignments and just OVER. IT. ALL. While I really do love having the kids around more (we are half-time homeschoolers so I was already used to having them around more than what is “typical”) it’s just a completely different vibe when they are around while we’re attempting to work. I feel bad! I feel like I am not completing tasks that people are asking from me as well as being a only semi-good mom. Does anyone else feel this way?

I know this is temporary! We have made some awesome memories during this time and I honestly do feel like this has been an awesome, much-needed experience for us. ❤️

…and I will never take good child care for granted ever again.

Anyways, back to skin care… why you opened this post. 😂

I’ve been a simple gal when it comes to face products and “girly things”. So my regimen is pretty simple and straight forward. I started this skin care routine last summer and I have been so good at sticking with it!

STEP 1: Tatcha Deep Cleanse | STEP 2: Tatcha Silk Cream + Isle of Paradise | STEP 3: Ahava Face Serum | STEP 4: Tatcha Neck Cream | STEP 5: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask |

On days I want to be fully tan, I am using St. Tropez self tanner or Minetan. I use it 1 to 2 times a week! Here is a highly rated tanning mitt you can use that also comes with an exfoliating glove and face mitt. These two tanners have ZERO trace of orange, which is huge for me because everything is orange on redheads. We are naturally orange humans.

Note: If you have blonde eyebrows, the tanning drops will tint them a little orange-redish! So, steer clean from the brows unless you color them dark like I do, then it doesn’t really matter.

Check out my past blog post about my go to makeup and hair products! If you are needing links to my makeup and hair products!

Have a great week! Hang in there Mamas! I appreciate you BIG time! ❤️

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  • "We are naturally orange humans." Ha as a fellow redhead, this is so true! Bookmarking these products now!
  • I have been looking back at your IG posts but I cant find it anywhere! What tanning spray did you recommend from Amazon? My white legs need something before I can wear shorts this summer lol. Thanks!
  • I have been feeling exactly like you said with killing it on all levels one week and then the biggest hot mess express with kid crap and work falling apart the next! Thanks for your honesty and oh so Awesome tanning recommendations - I’ll be trying St Tropez! Oh and what has this lip mask done for your pout???
  • So with you On this, it’s an up and down day by day, some days it’s moment by moment ☹️ I’m wondering if it’s making me more paranoid for my girls! This too shall pass! Thanks for living your honest life in front of ALOT of us 💜
  • Thanks Jen! As a fellow redhead - I know what you mean on self tanners that make us orange! 🍊 I ordered the drops and lotion from qvc (still hasn’t arrived) And I will try the Mine Tan. I have used the L’Oréal bronze one and I kind of like it.
  • I totally agree with you on the up and downs! It’s been happening here also. Some days I have it all down and then others it falls apart. I love watching your videos though. They make me laugh and make my day. Your lives are too funny and I cry laughing. Thank you for doing what you do.
  • I knew I loved your show, your taste, your talent, your personality!! but i love you more now that i see your #1 detail is "love for God". thank you! i wish you could help me with my house in Atlanta. Keep the show episodes coming!!
  • I absolutely love you 100%..I can't wait to watch ur new shows and I could binge all ur old ones.. I'm also a natural redhead but more auburn so I will def try ur self tanners.. cause MYSELf also has a natural TRANSLUCENT clear coat! And ur skin is so pretty!!! The very first SHOw i watch i was like i gotta find this girl and see what she uses!! Great job on motherhood cause I need meds for that!! Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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