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August 25, 2015 | Home Decor

This Redhead’s House Tour! And Her Secret to Decorating With Children. Crazy, Manic, Children.

by Jennifer

Finally! Something to add into the Home Decor section of my blog!

This rambling Redhead does indeed, have a home.

 I live in said home with my two baby terrorists and my large man child, whom I am married to. Man child’s name is Mike.

I think I should come clean to all of you beautiful blog-readin’ people. I have an addiction….. well, I have a few…. they are as follows:

  1. Spandex. Spandex everything…. I’m not even going to commit to a certain form of spandex, I like all spandex things.
  2. Coffee. I also love this liquid in all forms: iced, blended, flavored, hot, cold, coffee cake, cold and then microwaved…. I’ll take it all. Please, somebody hook me up to an IV of coffee. I will be a better mother because of it.
  3. Chap stick. I basically eat the wax. I will go places without a bra but I would NEVER leave the house without my little EOS ball of lip balm. Being out and about with lips that feel like they are stranded in a desert is a form of torture.
  4. Home decor. Furniture, linens, mirrors, real plants, fake plants, pillows, picture frames, curtains, throw blankets, coasters, decorative knobs, wooden signs that say stupid crap….. I love it. I love it all.

Which is the reason I have a Home Decor tab on my blog. When I am not writing about toddler poop and reflecting on my motherly duties, I am decorating a wall, rearranging pillows, making signs, or hand painting arrows on a playroom wall. It’s what I do. I change diapers and I change home decorations, hourly.

So when I was approached by Laura of The Avery Grace and asked to be a featured home tour, it’s safe to say that I was pumped!

 The Avery Grace is a life+style blog with a go-to-guide of home decor and parties. Spending our time sharing insights that will inspire you and help achieve the style you love. This blog is chalk full of is a design-savvy tips!

How do I decorate my home with two midgets running and rolling about, biting at my ankles, you ask?

Queen. Lots of Queen songs on repeat. My 2 year old son can dance the shit out of Queen, which in result entertains my 6 month old.

Thanks to Queen I am able to get things done that doesn’t involve counting repeatedly to 20, trying to figure out what freakin’ tool Mickey should use, or having to explain to my son why it is absolutely not OK to constantly be licking his sisters head (it’s his newest obsession, think Lion King. Her forehead/hair is constantly soaked with spit…. she’s going to start thinking it’s normal behavior).

I now have to drink wine before bed in order to drown out the constant, painful beat of We Will Rock You (BOOM BOOM CLAP, BOOM BOOM CLAP), If I start a sentence with “I want”, I can’t even finish my thought, because out of habit I scream-sing, “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!” and if I hear the song Another One Bites The Dust one more time…… I’m going to be forced to figure out how I, myself, can personally bite the mother lovin’ dust.

Goodbye world. Goodbye Queen.

It’s just wearing me out.

However, because of this legendary, eccentric rock band, I completed a few tasks and was able to participate in this home tour. Thank goodness Queen on Rhapsody is now mysteriously “broken“. I’m currently trying to get him hooked on Sam Smith, Michael Buble, John Mayor…. anything remotely chill.

To begin the tour!


The family room. Where all the family magic happens.


The kitchen, where all the calories are cooked.


The dining room…… where all the calories are consumed and the weight is gained.


A little behind the scenes secret, only for you loyal readers…… those cookies are over 3 months old. We don’t eat them past a week or so of course, but we don’t throw them away either. We like to keep looking at them in remembrance of what they once were…. just for the hell of it.


The Master bedroom, where all the sleeping magic happens for my husband. I have two children and a husband who has a large snoring issue…. I don’t sleep.

For many more photos of almost every room in my house, details on my decorating and where I buy my home decor, as well as some interview questions Laura asked me, please make your way over to The Avery Grace where the entire home tour is featured! I believe there is even a splendid family photo waiting for you. Snoop around her site a bit if you have some time, you will witness some very pretty things!

Since The Avery Grace asked to feature the home tour, I chose to keep my post brief, but don’t fret….. I’ll be diving into a new post all about playroom organization very shortly! It’s in the works.

– Until the next time this redhead decorates rambles…..

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  • House is kinda small....but cool
  • Gorgeous house and decorating! You must have learned great skills from ur mama!
  • You have created yet another beautiful home! Another of your many talents!
  • Beautiful decorating skills. Thank you for sharing.
  • Where did you get your circular chandelier? I love it!!!
    • Thanks! Restoration Hardware! :)
  • you have a gorgeous home!