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February 23, 2017 | Home Decor

Berkley’s “Big Girl” Room Makeover. Saying Goodbye To That Crib-Life!

by Jennifer

Well, it happened.

It always happens quicker than I want it to.

I had a plan for both of my kids. The plan was for both of them to stay in their cribs until they go to Kindergarten because crib-life just seemed easier than big-kid bed life.

Okay, maybe not kindergarten but I was seriously thinking that they would be in the crib (the only form of legal baby jail) until they were at least three. But no, both of my kids climbed out of their cribs before they were two years old.

Of course, they did.

We didn’t even make it until two because that’s just how my life goes.

The good thing about crib transitioning…?


Everyone may not feel the need to redecorate when transitioning to a big-kid bed, but I never really decorated her nursery like I wanted too when she was born. Second kid problems.

I had a lot of fun in this room. Berkley is all girl, loves pink, tutus, and anything with fringe so I kind of went crazy with it. I, however, don’t love pink so I knew that I wanted it to be a small accent color, rather than her room look like we dipped it in a pail of pink paint.

So here we go…

*All sources are listed and linked for easy shopping at the bottom of this post!*


The shiplap wall was something we added during our renovation when we moved in last year. I’m so happy with it and think it adds to the feminine feel of the room. I also love that it makes a fresh white backdrop for those vintage-style mirrors. The carpet is also new!

(Click Here to see our full kitchen renovation, in case you missed it.)  


I happened to be quick on the draw and capture this adorable picture while I was cleaning one day. This girl loves a good real tea set. Of course, this is a monitored activity since real tea set means that they are glass and very breakable. 


And the tutu… well, she’d never take it off if she had a choice in the matter.


I chose a quilt as her comforter since we live in Texas and because she is still not to the age where she uses a comforter. She kicks anything off of her except her blanket which leaves this Mama always worried that she is freezing! *Drives me cray, I say.


Y’all, this pom pom blanket is the cutest! The best part? I’m deeming it pull-off-toddler-approved! We’ve had this for weeks and even with all of the tugging and twirling of the poms, they stay intact. Get the blanket here: La Petite Joie.


I knew when I started that I wanted a wall of mirrors so I trekked for days, toddlers in tow and snacks stuffed in all of my pockets, hunting for these blasted mirrors.

And then one day, I found them.

I found them all at Hobby Lobby when they were all 50%. YAY! HAPPY DAY! *Insert dance of sheer joy and happiness here.

The large mirror in the middle is from Homegoods. It was not half off.



Up close and personal with this bed ruffle that is really a CRIB SKIRT. That’s right, not a bedskirt. Got you, suckas! It stops halfway in the middle of the bed but her comforter is so long that you can’t tell, so for now, it’s staying. I just love a good “reuse”.

phonto (23)

Nothing screams 1980’s like a good, solid window seat! I wish I could heart-eyes emoji this right now. This window seat is my favorite feature of her room. Both of my kids’ rooms have window seats and I would never dream about removing them!

Best part is, they can stuff each other in the drawers and then scream and cry until I come in yelling and save their life. Such a fantastic game.

Even though the quality of this picture is not the greatest, I’m in love with it.

Those white porcelain animal heads were two of the first things I bought for her nursery. I plan to keep them around as long as she’ll let me. I even plan to pack them gently in bubble wrap upon her departure for college. Here honey, don’t forget your giraffe head.

phonto (24)

These awesome vintage books are from SorryThankYou79. Check out her Instagram for the best selection of colorful old books! Her Etsy shop is linked in her IG bio!


Y’all ready for this? I found all of her pillows at Homegoods, which is why I love that place probably as much as I love my hair straightener. Seriously, guys. The love is that deep.


I found these shutters at Ross long before I even had children. I thought they were a girly touch to her play table area. Those shag pouf stools are my next project. I am going to spray paint the legs a pale pink color so they will match perfectly!

Now if only the beasts would sleep long enough for me to complete such task.


Bins are everything in life, just saying. So many ugly toys… tucked away from all to see.

Are there dirty clothes in there? I dunno.



So there is actually a good ‘ole 1980’s intercom system behind these bows, which is exactly why I hung them there. No one needs you, intercom. This is 2017…. we yell really loud now.


I found these unfinished picture frames and thought they added a cute vintage touch to the room! Hobby Lobby for the win!

So there we have it!

I’m so glad that I spent weeks searching for mirrors just so my toddlers can smear their nose gunk and spit on them. And I just LOVE picking up all of the throw pillows day in and day out…

But that little girl says that she loves her “princess room”, so I’d do it all over again. 🙂


-Until the next time this Redhead rambles decorates.

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  2. Wingback Convertable Rocker
  3. Carolina Large Playtable
  4. Metal Play Chairs (Not pictured in the post but I did buy these with the play table and they are adorable!)
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  19. Wood Lace Mirror

*So many sale items! Because that’s how I roll.


Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray (walls)

Sherwin Williams Pure White (shiplap, ceiling, and trim)

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  • Okay, can I just say how many things I love about this room!!! First, looovveee that you did a lot of white (white obsessed here) with the accent of pink! So much easier to transition as she gets older if she doesn't want pink anymore plus I think it's just prettier. Second, love that bench. I've been looking for one like that but still haven't found just the right one. Third, love window seats. I wish I had one in my current house. Fourth, that white distressed wood "B" is And lastly, I love those vintage books. I'm an avid reader who actually likes real books and doesn't read off a kindle so something like that I would definitely do for my future kids. Hope you have a fabulous day and weekend!!
  • This is gorgeous!! If I had decorating talent I would want my daughters' rooms to look like this, ha! I love how it can grow with her and it's not too much pink overload. Beautiful job, as always!
  • You never cease to amaze me! Berkley is one very, very lucky little girl to have such a devoted and talented mom!
  • I love that book storage idea and vintage frames! Looks great!
  • What a beautiful room! I love the mirror wall, so pretty! I'm about to buy the wingback rocker you have pictured but have been trying to decide on a color. Do you remember which one you chose? It's such a nice, warm neutral.