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October 11, 2019 | Red's Weekly Threads

Red’s Weekly Thread: TV Show Update, My Amazon Store, Codes and More!

by Jennifer


Hope this week treated you well, friends! Between parent/teacher conferences, Fall Break starting and Vivi crawling at the speed of light, this week FLEW by! We are in a cold front and I’m praying that it stays for three more months. Just a simple prayer request.

Jumping into biz-nas…..
I get quite a few messages throughout the week asking for my HomeChef code since it saves you $80 off of your first box. Y’all, these meals are fantastic- I tend to go the Express meals or “oven ready“ route because well, they are the easiest. ? Everything we’ve made has been so good! Homechef CODE: REDHEAD80

I finally made one! This is where I have curated different lists with all my favorite Amazon things that I have mentioned in stories or in blog posts. ? I will continually update the lists for y’all! I still have A LOT of my homeschool tools to add so I’ll you know when I update it in stories this week 🙂

Current Sales That I Find Worthy of Sharing:

Old Navy – Coats and Jackets on SALE! & ALL SWEATERS & JEANS 50% OFF

American Eagle – 40% off all AE and Aerie Tops! & 30-60% off EVERYTHING!

Joe’s New Balance Outlet – Holiday Weekend Sale

Ulta Gorgeous Hair Event – 50% off my Klorane dry shampoo on 10/15!! (Usually it’s $20)

Buy 1 boot get 2 FREE…?! JCPenney shoppers REJOICE!

Old Navy Try on from this week:

Probably my most successful try-on from Old Navy. Everything was so cute! Or I’m just that desperate for Fall. Either one. ?

Flannel Button Down | Tan Shirt | Scarf | Wide Leg Jeans | Green Vest | Mustard Pants | Grey Hoodie | Striped Shirt | Black Cardi | Belt | Blue Button Down | Good Times Sweater | Sherpa Vest | Beige Sweater | Denim Sherpa Jacket | Light Wash Denim | Mustard Henley | Cream Hoodie | Black V – Neck Sweater |

Old Navy Boys Sale
My FAV place to shop for kids clothes! Gosh, I want it ALL! ?

Navy Strip Button Down | Green and White Long Sleeve | Chambray Button Down | Color Block Shirt | Navy Flannel | Black Jeans | Green Joggers | Green Plaid Hoodie | Navy High Top Sneakers | Boys Hiking Boot | Grey Slip Ons |Navy and Green Long Sleeve | Grey Shorts | Denim Shorts | Green and Grey Sweatshirt |Grey Long Sleeve |

Gap Baby Girls Sale

Black and White Flutter Sleeve | Pink Sherpa Hoodie | Pink Reversible Top | Stripe Sweater | Denim Dress | Chambray Bow | Pink Reversible Pants | Pink Henley Onesie | Red Bow Shoes | Pom Pom Sweater | Onesie 3 Pack | Black Brannan Pants | Jeggings | Brannan Shoes |

Gap Toddler Girl Sale

Grey Dress | White Sherpa Jacket | Polka Dot Denim Jacket | Pink Sweater | Grey Joggers | Black Boots | Beige Cardi | Socks | Grey Lace Sleeve Top | Denim Heart Dress | Ripped Denim | Pink Cartwheel Shorts | Grey Pocket Dress| White and Blue Dress | Pink Jacket | White Sneakers |

Currently watching:

The movie Yesterday! SO SO GOOD! You must watch it!

Yellowstone on Paramount (better than I thought it would be!)

Explained series on Netflix- these are mini documentaries about random things. I love that they are thirty minutes long!

This Is Us (duh. ?)

A Very Brady Renovation ? I found this pretty entertaining on HGTV!

TV show update: The Pilot episode is done being filmed and is now in the editing process. It will be in front of HGTV for their final edits (the network watches it first to see if they have any notes for changes before they air it) and once that is done I will have an air date for you! I’ve heard one month from my production company and another month from my HGTV executive who is over my show (same exec who was over Fixer Upper… and he picked my show to represent himself. So crazy.) sooooo who knows?! Part of me is completely fine if they hold it until January because apparently it is the best month for a show to air- it has the best viewership! Like I said, I’ll let you know when I know, this entire process takes forever it seems. 🙂 It will happen when it’s meant to happen!

Hope y’all have a GREAT weekend! It’s just starting to feel like Fall here in Dallas, just in time for the kiddos “Fall Break” which started this week! We plan to takeover a pumpkin patch and light a fire this weekend! Fall is extra special this year since Vivi turns ONE October 24. ? So many exciting things happening… I LOVE this season! ?

God bless you and your families! As always, I appreciate the support from you day in and day out whether it’s watching my stories on Instagram or shopping through my affiliate links. Y’all are the BEST group of people. I am lucky that you found me! ❤️

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  • So excited for your show!! ? Do you think you and Mike will have a couple more babies to fit in with Chip and Jo ?? JK! You’re perfect just the way you are! ❤️
  • Hello Jenn! Since you are the queen of the faux foliage do you have any suggestions for a palm tree? Request from our 16 year old daughter! Thanks bunches!!! :)
  • Cant wait to see your HGTV show!! You have a darling family!!
  • Your so funny and down to earth!
  • So fun that my daughters told me about you! Mine are grown and adulting well! Still love your feed... keep it up?
  • Love it thanks for all your awesomeness! I didn't realize that my baby and Vivi are almost a year apart, his birthday is October 22nd. It goes by way too fast and he is always going to be my baby:(
  • I’m super excited for your tv show, but i don’t have cable because I’m a broke b. Can you let us know if there is any way to stream it when it comes out?
  • OMG! I LOVED the movie "Yesterday"! It was such a great, feel food movie! (And "that dumb Ed Sheeran..... 'Hey Dude.......Dudie dudie dudie.....' LOL!" And that little tidbit with Voldemort at the end! <3 I LOVE your page and your rambilngs, you crack me up daily! Thank you, I need it! One little suggestion..... maybe put your ramblings at the top of your newsletter for those of us who have kids in their 20's!!! (Waaaaaaaaaa!) Some of us are past the kids clothes and kids educational toys, and, honestly, right now I can't afford to shop too much! I LOVE that you share all of that, wish social media was around 23 years ago when my twin were just babes! Not to say that I wouldn't scroll down to take a peek, you know, just so I can be "up" on things! ;) But, even if you don't change it, I'll still be here for your hilarious life, adorable kids and a good laugh!!
  • My three boy kids are all older than you are Jenn! But I love your IG and your newsletter. I started following when Vivi was still on the inside, and will be in the front row when your TV show airs! Maybe deals on granny pants needed!?
  • Do you have to wait until after the pilot airs to shoot more episodes?
  • this is my first time receiving the Rambles..the rambler. so cute. Love that it broken down into sections. Love the snapshop clothing sales, that way you don't have to click another link or can just scroll right past if not interested. I am excited for some new HGTV shows. So over the house hunter thing.
  • oops. I missed adding 1 more thing in my last comment. While I have your attention since there aren't many comments here, maybe you will see this and respond :) I am curious about your 6 framed images in your bedroom. They are visible when you do your try ons. I love the color of the wood frame and curious about what prints you have in them. I want something like that for my stairway. Thanks so much!!!
  • Even though I am a 54 year old Nanna and only have on child left at home I really enjoy your stories! You make me laugh and I really enjoy watching your children grow up. Thank you for sharing some good, clean and really funny parts of your beautiful family and life! ❤️❤️
  • You should really update your Picture now that you got 3 Kids
  • I had 100% forgotten about the buy 1 get 2 from JCPenny until I read this before bed!!! Just snagged THREE whole freaking pairs of shoes. Happy Sunday Scaries to me! Thanks!
  • I've gotten into taking solo #onenightgetaway vacations recently. Last weekend I went to the beach alone, slept in a king size bed alone, and binged all HGTV A Very Brady Renovation episodes!
  • I can't seem to find the caffeinated eye cream you recommend....please HELP a girl out! XOX