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November 12, 2019 | Gift Guides

93 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men. The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide!

by Jennifer

MEN ARE SO HARD TO BUY FOR! I swear, If Mike wants something he just comes home with it. It’s not like we have a deep conversation reviewing the pros and cons of new tennis shoes or trying out a new brand of Beef Jerky 😂 it just shows up one day! I find shopping for the kids to be super simple and enjoyable, but Mike… STRESS. I feel like I’m always under pressure to be creative yet practical when it comes to his gifts.

So, in attempt to help you not get stuck when shopping for the men in your life, I’ve curated a Men’s Master Christmas list! Twenty five Gifts that Mike already owns, uses, and loves as well as FIFTY other gift ideas that were suggested in my Instagram stories by YOU! Eight gag gifts because Mike always gets a few of those each year and ten ideas that are deemed “unlinkable” but creative!

That’s NINETY THREE gift ideas total.

Because 100 gift ideas would have just been ridiculous.

  1. Airpod Pro Newest wireless headphones| 2. Nike Jordans These are Mike’s new favorite shoes! He has a couple on his wish list | 3. MVMT Watch Mike got this watch last year and it looks so slick!| 4. Cigar Case We are getting this for Mike’s Dad! | 5. Chemex Mike uses his Chemex every morning! | 6. Chemex Filters You need these if you buy the Chemex | 7. GoPro Hero7 Black This is the Go-Pro we have and it’s SO FUN to have on vacations!| 8. Apple Watch Series 5 Mike wants this watch this year 😉| 9. Jerky Sampler Always a great add-on gift!| 10. Ray-bans Mike has these and loves the way they look!| 11. Luggage This is the set that we have- they glide and swivel like a DREAM! | 12. Men’s Slipper This is Mike’s staple house shoe that he requests every year (can also be worn outside)| 13. MVMT Watch Another inexpensive watch option!| 14. Engraved Whiskey Glasses A great personalized gift option | 15. Jack Black Gift Set Mike’s Favorite face care line, it is considered a “luxury brand” and smells amazing!| 16. Men’s Robe This is the same robe that I have but in man-form, so dang soft| 17. Weighted Blanket We recently bought this and surprisingly love it! We use the King size 20-pounder! I also bought five pound blankets for the kids | 18. Engraved Pint Glasses Mike loves personalized beer/whiskey paraphernalia| 19. Nintendo Switch Mike also loves video games. Von asked for this for Christmas and Mike wants him to get it (…for selfish reasons 🙄😂)| 20. Bose White Headset | 21. Manscaper I got this for Mike |22. Keto Bars This is Mike’s favorite brand of Keto bars that he snacks on regularly|23. Beer Making Kit It’s basically a crafting box for grown men, this is on Mike’s list- just something fun to try!| 24. Hat Mike loves this hat brand and has many styles|25. New Balance Shoes because y’all know the love runs deep for New Balance in this house (Mike started it).

50 MORE GIFT IDEAS FOR THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE! I asked what y’all were getting the men on your list for Christmas and y’all CAME THROUGH. So many ideas! I picked the top 50 most unique! Some are larger items while some would make great stocking stuffer ideas. 🤗

Man Wipes

Leather Gloves

Viking Horn Mug

No Show Socks for Men

Grilling Accessories

TUMI Briefcase

Car Cleaning Kit

Coffee Ninja Bar

Smoker for stovetop or grill

Wool Socks

Shop Vac

Neck Massager

Chipping Net

Men’s Toiletry Bag

Tool Set

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Beard Oil

Beard Grooming Kit

Scratch Off World Map

Fitbit Smart Watch

Watch Box

LED Portable Light

Beer Kegerator

Men’s Waterproof Boots

Xbox Organizing Bins

Record Player

Insulated Beer Growler

Deep Fryer

Power Washer

Insulating Can Cooler

Drone with Camera

Silicone Wedding Bands for Men

Wireless Charger

Hydro Flask

3D Pen

Travel Mug

Fleece Amazon Blanket

Faux Fur Blanket

Blue Ray Blocking Glasses

Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Echo

Pomade for Men

Gym Bag

North Face Jacket

SAXX Underwear

Soap On A Rope


Popcorn Machine

Norlan Whiskey Glass

Nintendo Classic

8 GAG GIFTS: I always get Mike one to two gifts that are more for a laugh than anything else! Just thought I’d throw a few out there in case you need a gag gift for a holiday party!

DILF Shirt

You’re Too Close Hat

Toilet Mug

Face Socks

Custom Bobblehead

Dutch Oven Blanket

Custom Blanket

Custom Sequin Pillow

10 UNLINKABLE GIFT IDEAS! Because not everything has a link!

Personalized Groove Book: Have a book made with all pictures of him with the kids or of you and him – Use Code: TODRYK86 for a free Groove book! (not affiliated, once you join you’ll get a code to share as well…. I’m not special 😂)

Concert Tickets

Sporting Game Tickets

Coupon Book you could make for literally anything!

Magazine Subscription

Beer of The Month Subscription

Football Sunday pass with the boys!

Surprise “Boys Trip”- free of all nags or guilt.

Surprise Movie Date: Theater tickets to a manly movie where you can order dinner and booze.

Personal trainer sessions: For the man who has mentioned wanting to lose a few or bulk up!

Mike’s American Eagle Favorites!

Marvel Shirt | Grey Sweater | Dark Blue Button Up | Plaid Shirt | Grey Jeans | White Hoodie | Collar Cardigan | Jeans | Cognac Shirt | Jean Shirt | Black Shirt Jacket | Denali Shirt | Plaid Button Up |Polka Dot Button Up | Grey Pocket Tee | NASA Hoodie |

Mike’s Denim Sherpa Jacket is 25% off with my Code: REDHEAD25

I hope this list helps! I brought Mike in on this to help me get a man’s perspective and I think he did pretty good! Thank you for all of your suggestions as well, y’all are a creative group of Mamas!

… is it too early to say Merry Christmas?

Too soon?…. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

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  • Love it! my husband is impossible to buy for. I got him picture statuettes from mpix.com. They are amazing!
  • AirPod pro link not working.
  • Thank you sooooo much for this list! I found 3 things I’m getting my husband this year that he doesn’t have and would never think to ask for. But I think he’ll really like them! 😘
  • Thank you sooooo much for this list! I found 3 things I’m getting my husband this year that he doesn’t have and would never think to ask for. But I think he’ll really like them! 😘
  • Soooo helpful!! You da bomb!!
  • Girl love all those, but can I just say there is one more that could of been on the list I missed the opportunity to say it. But Boudoir photos are a little intimate special thing to give him 😊
  • Another unlinkable gift that I thought of recently. We haven’t been able to sleep in on a Saturday for years now. I’m hiring a babysitter to come over at 6am, let herself in and be quiet, wake up with the baby, and play with her until we wake up.
  • The Nivea Dapper Duffel on Amazon is always a hit!!
  • This is the best gift guide for men ever! I found at least 4 things he doesn't need, but must have!!! 😂 Thank you so much!!! Happy Holidays to your family ♥️
  • Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the wonderful works guys I've you guys to blogroll.