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February 10, 2020 | Gift Guides

Valentine’s Gift Guide!

by Jennifer

It’s that time again, LOVE DAY! I know people feel differently about this holiday, some live for it while others (like myself) tell their spouses to chill on gifts and keep it small! I do love going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, but as far as expensive gifts… I’d rather receive something practical!

So below I have linked up some of my favorite Amazon items (for quick delivery ;)) as well as given you a few small (some are funny) gift ideas for the special guy in your life!

Women’s Valentines Gift Guide!

These can be for any woman in your life! Best friend, girlfriend, wife, yourself! I’ve included my favorite newest mascara find, the best LuLuLemon yoga pant dupes, my favorite Adidas shoe and a couple of other random items.

Over sized Hoodie | Never Have I Ever | Skin-food Face Mask | Arm Pillow | Small Gold Hoops | Sunglasses | Wallet | You are a Badass! | Handheld Makeup Plate | Maneater Mascara | Earring Cuff | Leggings | Stud Earring Pack | Speaker | Etsy Illustration | Adidas Shoes |Makeup Palette Holder | Dry Shampoo | To Go Mug | Poo-Pourri | My Book!! | Makeup Case

Men’s Valentines Gift Guide!

I always feel like shopping for men on Valentine’s Day is weird… like, is it a women’s holiday or do the men need something too? I always get Mike a card, he’s a card kind of guy, and usually pair it with his favorite snack and a couple of small random funny things!

Can we discuss the Toilet Tag though?… Y’all… so so fun! Mike and I have this and it has been so fun! You go back and forth filling in pages, answering questions, and reading your significant others responses all while using the potty… so funny!

Funny Hand Sanitizer | MVMT Watch | Whiskey Wedge | Minimalist Wallet | Toilet Tag | Star Wars Mug | Yeti Travel Mug | Soap on a Rope | Socks | Spicy Chocolate | Snack Bars | Travel Espresso Maker |

Kids Valentines Ideas!

These journals are ADORABLE and would make such a cute Valentine’s Day gift! Daughter and son options available, you take turns writing back and forth, answering questions and drawing random things and best part is that it makes an awesome keepsake once it’s completed! I can’t wait to start these with Von and Berkley!

Mom & Daughter | Mom & Son

Hope y’all have a GREAT week and an awesome Valentine’s Day, whatever that looks like for your family!

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  • I ordered the journal for my 8yo daughter and I to do together and she is so excited! Thank you for the recommendation! I love that it opens that door of communication and gives her space to be heard!
  • My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but we always get something small for our two boys. I love the idea of the keepsake journal. Great idea!
  • Thank you❤ Jen ❤ You are the best. It did help a lot.
  • Thank you for the ideas!! Love everything you do!!
  • I love that makeup palette holder! Game changer for my vanity. I can see them all and don't have to MOVE THEM to get to the one I want at the bottom of the stack!!! Nice V.D. gift guide post. I want ALL the things.
  • Oh my gosh, this is so good! I just posted my very first gift guide too and it was so fun picking out things people would love! The obi won mug is my favorite