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January 10, 2020 | Red's Weekly Threads

How to Style Your Mantle! (YouTube Video Included)

by Jennifer

I LOVE decorating for Spring! You’ll always see a lot of creamy neutrals in my Spring decor mainly because it just feels so fresh and light after all of the heavy Christmas decorations. While I do appreciate the clean look of whites and creams, I always try incorporate a pop of color, even if it’s just a simple pop of green from my (very fake) plants! This year I decided to add a small touch of glam by adding in subtle hints of gold. That is the great thing about white and creams, they can be mixed with any finish and “style”!

Here is my Mantle Styling Tutorial video on YouTube!


Below are all the products used in the YouTube video plus a few more that would make awesome Spring decor!

Locust Wreath | Woven Vase | Glass Vase | 7″ Ceramic Vase | 6″ Ceramic Vase | 5″ Ceramic Vase | Gold Candle Sticks | Metal and Wire Basket | Black and White Picture Frame | Ceramic Jar Vase | Faux Plant in Pot | White Ceramic Vase | Eucalyptus Wreath | Faux Fern Leaf | Glass Vase | Footed Gold Bowl | Wood Candle Sticks | Ceramic Vase with Tassel | Half Circle Mat | Circle Mirror | Glass Tray

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments what you want to see styled next! I’m ALWAYS wanting ideas from y’all, your suggestions seriously help so much, so thanks in advance! And thanks to those who shop my recommendations and trust my opinions, it means the world to me!

Happy weekend, friends! God bless!

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  • That was great!!!
  • Love the mantle! ❤️
  • Loved the look and you made it easy. Love following you and your family ❤️
  • Great tips for a beautiful mantle. Thanks for sharing!
  • Do you have a link for the plant in the basket on the hearth? I am looking for something like this for my mom. I don’t see it linked above but could have missed it. Thanks.
  • Thank you so much! I loved this and am taking your ideas to heart as I style my mantel. You gave me the confidence to do it!!
  • This was awesome! I love the tips, the way you use plants and books and NOT Knick knacks (not a knick knack person 🙄🥴) .... And how bout that lighting! Very nice video! See you back over on IG .... you're SO. MUCH. FUN. IN. MY. DAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU 🎉😎🤘🥂🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏
  • Hi do you have link for large faux plant in basket tha you put on floor in front of mantle? Thanks!
  • Loved the tutorial! Would you share where you found your light fixtures that are on both sides of fireplace?
  • You’re The Best ❤️ That was great and it is beautiful
  • Would you mind sharing the link to the fiddle leaf tree you used and mentioned in your video? Thanks in advance ♥️
  • Thank for the tutorial! And that lighting 👍🏼👍🏼
  • I never know what to do for a dining room table centerpiece because I don’t like runners and a nekkid table is a sad table. Also—have a gorgeous large handled tray from Pottery barn and I never know what to put there either so it’s just a candle and remotes. EYE ROLL
  • Loved the video! What is the name of your show and when will it air? Can't wait to see it!!!
  • Gmorning! Wondering if you could share the link to the large plant on the right of the hearth? Thank you! Great video! Helped a lot!
  • Love, loved the video! It's easy to see why HGTV wanted you! You will be a huge asset to them!! Thx so much for the tips, it looks amazing!
  • Hi Jen My name is paul i do enjoy you so much ....I am from Canada in a city called Mississauga Ontario .. So keep on doing what you do ..keep on making me laugh ..l Can you do me a fav. can you see if the Warby Parker glasses are what they say they are thanks Paul your friend from Canada
  • I would really love to know how to find/make a smaller space functional and lots of storage ideas for a smaller place.
  • Absolutely gorgeous! You have such an amazing eye for this stuff. Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to try to implement this in my own home!
  • This was so helpful! I’ve never watched a video that explained everything in a way that totally made sense to me! Thank you!
  • Loved it! I want to change my mantle now!
  • I would love to see your exterior front door/porch or a foyer/entry area.
  • Would love to see you style your piano! I love your house and the way you have it decorated!
  • This was soooo helpful! Could you show us how you style your piano next? I have a piano in the same room as my mantle and struggle styling them so they look cohesive! Thank you and LOVE YOU! 😘
  • Love this! My mantle is super super narrow.... any suggestions for this? Also, any chance you can film a tutorial for decorating a foyer/entryway table??? Love your site!
  • Love your show and love your family! Your children seem to be very intelligent
  • Hi Jen! I love this so much! I follow you every day. Your my favorite “TV” show! lol My mantle is one of those with a big ole’flat screen TV right in the middle of it. Could you give some suggestions as to what to how to decorate around the TV (and the black box underneath 😐). Thank you for any help’
  • Hi, looks beautiful! You just made it so much easier. I don’t see a link for the tree in the basket? Do you have that? Thank you
  • Jenn!!! Looks so so good! I’d love some tips on styling bookshelves that mirror each other on both sides of the fireplace. They r 15” or so deep, 3-4’ wide. They r oak and dark inside and so so hard for me! Would love ideas/tips/you to come to Iowa to style them for me! 😂 Keep doing you, love it all!
  • Love, Love, Loooove! I already follow you on Insta but I'm just following you on YouTube. You're such an inspiration! :D
  • Jenn... Love it!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!! Did I miss your HGTV reveal?
  • Looks awesome! I never would have thought of using the ladder. And, it added sooooo much. I love all your wonderful tips; but mostly, I love watching your precious kiddos. Thanks for sharing with us.
  • How would you change this design if your husband’s ginormous tv was mounted above your mantle? How to scale it down for a smaller size hearth and surround? Love your IG; have been watching for quite a few months (your bread box made you my favorite instagrammer!)
  • I love your whole family. I started watching you a bit before you became pregnant with VIvi. You and your family are one of the highlights of my day♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Love this! And thanks for explaining...it makes so much sense! Links please for the baskets, large tree, and ladder and throw pretty please!
  • Link for the blanket ladder? I love it!
  • Hi Jen, love your personality & all your instagram posts. When i watched the pist if Berkley & Viv out in the snow, i noticed you had some kind of safety screening around your pool. Could you tell me what it is and where you got it. Thsnks
  • We have a tv above our mantle, which limits space, hence my struggle. I can't have decor that's too high either.
  • I know you hate compliments, but girl you are one of the most beautiful people I have never met. Do you know how contagious your care free, laugh it off attitude is? It’s been a huge inspiration not only to me but my four daughters as well! I just love your heart. You are definitely my favourite person on the internet. God bless you and your sweet, sweet kids.
  • I love that you always add books. Where are these older books from?
  • We have a sunk in mantel, so I usually have the same decorations up until Christmas! This is great!!
  • Can you tell me what paint you used to white wash your brick fireplace?