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August 10, 2020 | Red's Weekly Threads

Red’s Weekly Thread

by Jennifer

Good morning Good MORNING!

I’m very aware that the chances of you reading this in the am are small, but I said it anyways! When do you read blog posts? Or any article for that matter? I do all of my reading at night… and being totally honest, I’m so out of the loop when it comes to Worldly issues right now. I no longer watch the news, nothing against the news, I loved having that little spurt of tv time wake me up in the mornings.

But honestly, it’s just not okay to have playing around my young kiddos right now. Even last year before 2020 wrecked havoc, it was just not appropriate for little ears to hear. Discussing murder and sexual abuse right before their send off to school just felt wildly inappropriate to me (for my family), so we stopped watching the morning news while eating breakfast in 2019. I must say that NOT starting your day hearing all the heaviness in the world was mood changing, for the better! I truly believe that God wants us to not be ignorant, to stand up for the needy and injustice but if you feel the weight of the world’s problems making a negative impact on your soul, TAKE A BREAK. That does not make you a bad person. That does not mean you or weak or do not care.

Proverbs 4:23-27 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.

Guard your heart. If you feel that things are taking up too much mental space, it’s okay to step away to regain a positive mindset!

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  • I love your weekly thread! You have the best finds but I really love that you include a Bible verse! Can’t wait to see your show! Thank you!!
  • You’re definitely right about the news weighing heavily on the start of a fresh day. Hopefully someday it will get a little brighter.
  • I really enjoyed the blog today! Great bible verses and very wise! Thanks for the reminder to take a step back, it does get quite heavy sometimes.
  • Thanks for your blog Jen! I agree about the news... my hubby watches ALL. THE. TIME. but now that he has moved his home office to the poolhouse, I don't have to listen to that allllll day. It is depressing and confusing with all the conflicting information! Love you, Mean it. Couldn't survive without my regular dose of the Redhead and fam! XOXO
  • Thank you for your blog post! It is just want I needed to hear! These days there is so much heavy news, sides to pick, and a new person we are suppose to hate it gets so discouraging. Thank you for the proverbs 4 reminder it was so encouraging to my heart!
  • I rarely watch the morning news, especially national news outlets. All the negativity doesn't set a good tone for my day.
  • Ummmmm can I tell you how excited I am to get my jade rollers! Straight to the freezer for my puffy morning face ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And you bet you’re booty, I’m guarding my heart, and my families
  • I so appreciate your point that it's possible to care and stand up for people without having to be saturated in the daily dose of depressing news. I firmly believe the home is where you change the world by raising tiny humans who love God and the people around them. Anyways, you encouraged me today! Thank you.
  • This came at the perfect time! (I read in the evening) As a teacher I am preparing to go back to school and I need a reminder to take a break. It can all feel so overwhelming. A pause refreshes the mind.
  • Thank you! Your blog post is a blessing to me today. I am reading this before bed and am thankful I did. The news is horrible - and I don’t have any kids to shield from it, just myself and my own piece of mind. I feel like I should be informed but the wear and tear in my spirit isn’t worth it most days. Take care, M
  • I don’t watch the news that often either. I turn it on in the mornings to check the weather and traffic but ha! I’m working from home now for the time being. Other than that, if I want the news, I’ll go find the news app and read or not. It’s so very depressing and has been for a long time.
  • Such an encouraging post! I have slowed down on watching the news as well because it’s so depressing. I try to stay up to date by reading news articles. The verses you used in the post were the reminder that I needed. So thank you! I definitely read more at night - not a morning person at all! Also, putting that jade roller on the list- it looks amazing!
  • I couldn’t agree MORE regarding the news! I truly do believe there is definitely positive news out there that just isn’t being reported. For that, I watch only once a day. At 11:00pm. It’s only 30 minutes! Lol. But, I do get notifications on my phone informing me of urgent matters. For instance, car chases here in California are so urgent, I’ll get at times 2-3 alerts in one day. But seriously, I totally agree with you. Thank you for your daily(almost) interruption of laughs, smiles and children cuteness. Definitely a bright spot in my day.
  • I had to stop reading or listening to the news. I was finding myself becoming a person I didn’t like. I found myself getting angry, fearful and negative. So thankful I’m not the only one that saw the need to stop. Thanks for being a great good happy part of my day.
  • I adore your content and I agree with the news thing. We only get news on our phones and I rarely take time to look. If it’s really important I will hear about it through trusted friends and family. We have not had cable in over 10 years so it is easy to distance ourselves! Thank you for all the positivity, joy, and scriptures you post! You are a breath of fresh air! Keep on keeping on!
  • Thanks for your honesty. I think you’re spot on! And I really appreciate your incorporation of scripture; turning our eyes towards Christ at a time like this is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our family!
  • Thanks for your opening thoughts and the verses you shared. Definitely a needed reminder these days. Appreciate all you share!
  • I agree, too. I quit watching all tv news and reading the newspaper about 10 weeks ago and I have felt so much better and happier. That doesn't mean I am oblivious to what is going on (I get a little radio news when I am in my car and ask my husband or friends for specific things I want to know), but the constant barrage of virus news, much of it conflicting, crime, protests, and negative politics was getting to me. Life is too short to not make the most of every day, in a positive, but safe, way. Thanks for making me laugh a little each day, especially this year! Love the Bible verse, too.
  • Living in Okinawa Japan on base we didnt have cable and so of course that meant No news. It was just like you said, a breath of fresh air. Coming back home to the states i continued that even till this day, no cable-no news. Its not worth it to me, ill hear about things eventually via family or social media. I read my emails at night too lol
  • I did the same thing a few years ago when my oldest started paying attention to the tv. It was not appropriate for his little ears and it has been freeing! I read a “briefing” email in the morning frown either the New York Times or the Skimm to stay in the loop on the big things which is really helpful. Thanks for your daily dose of laughs! I typically watch your stories at night and check out your emails in the am. I love following you and your adorable family. Can’t wait for the show!
  • Girl we turned off the morning news and it’s been so good for our stress and anxiety! I tend to look maybe one or 2 times a day to see if there’s anything worth catching up on but the break has been great!
  • Amen on the cut out of News in the AM. I turn it on at 6:13am here because that is the time we get the weather report for the week, then it goes back on. Yes that exact time, I emailed and asked about 2 years ago and they stick to that schedule. It comes on between 6:13 and 6:15 am.
  • Just love all your content! & always a good laugh
  • Taking breaks for mental health is essential! Thanks for sharing the verse. It's easy to focus on the people around us, but that verse shows us very clearly that God wants us to care for ourselves as well. Love you and your family and the positive impact that you have on the people around you!
  • Thanks for sharing your reassuring words of wisdom today! NOT watching isn’t weakness; it’s personal strength in making the better choice for yourself and I choose NO to the news right now as well!
  • I stopped watching the news too because of all the negativity so I totally agree. Instead I spend my morning listening to worship music.....so much better!
  • Howdy! We’ve stopped the news too! At least during the day when the kiddos are around. I agree on being informed and up to date on issues but I agree more with guarding our hearts and mind! Thanks for being a light!
  • I’ve never liked watching the news!! I’m so happy we’re not the only ones! We hardly watch it now. I think my hub prefers to read the news, or he reads it, because he knows I’ll complain and whine while it’s on tv. 😬 I’m the worst! Hahaha!. For about a year, our you tube tv was set up to a Denver zip code so my husband wouldn’t miss the Bronco game. (They’ve caught on to us since) but for a year, any news I did see, wasn’t even relevant to the metroplex. That was the worse. Especially weather news! Seeing snow and road closures when it is hot Texas weather was so confusing to my brain!! Lol
  • We have been off the news for a long time now! My mom had to tell me we had a hurricane coming! Like you, the negativity in the world is just not bearable and I hate that my children were listening to it. Take care and have a blessed day!
  • I totally agree! Our littles are sponges right now and soak up everything they hear! 🖤 I cannot control everything, but I can control what they listen to in our home!
  • I love your thoughts about the news so much! I have 4 children, from age 9 to 17 and we stopped watching the news around our kids MANY years ago! It's not healthy!
  • I too stopped watching the news long before the pandemic and all other 2020 “stuff”! I noticed it making me sad and dragging me down. I do much better now just checking news highlights and I follow MomCast on IG too. She hits the highlights and then I can dig deeper if it’s something I really feel I need to know. Keeps me in a much better frame of mind. My kids are all 17 and older and now I have grandkids. Totally agree about it being inappropriate for the littles to hear.
  • I quit watching the morning news when the impeachment trial was going on. I found myself getting so anxious and upset.
  • Thank you for the encouragement! I love this, and I love the verse!
  • You really are a bright spot in my day ! Keep the real coming 🥰😊