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May 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

Living Rooms Styled 7 Different Ways: All From Amazon!

by Jennifer

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve made it to the weekend 🙂

Living room decor is by far the most requested decor when I’m looking in DMs… which makes sense given it’s the space we entertain our guests in. It’s the room that all of our friends and family spend time in, so most of us deem it the most worthy to spend money on! This post contains some of the most popular and upcoming decor trends, some we’ve talked about before and some are trends you may have never heard of! All decor is from Amazon!

Y’all loved my last living room decor post and I hope this one is just as helpful!

Happy decorating and happy shopping! 🙂

| Jute Pillow Covers | Brown Pillow Covers | Plaid Lumbar Pillow Cover | Marble Bookends | Dark Brown Vase | Faux Umbrella Tree | Large Ceramic Pot | Small Drink/Plant Table | Gold Clock | Black Sideboard | Rustic Vase | Faux Stem | Large Wall Art | Pedestal Wood Bowl | Abstract Lamp | Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Couch | Black Side Table | Wood/Glass Coffee Table | Scalloped Bowl | Flat Baskets | Down to Earth Coffee Table Book | Accent Chair |

| 5.3Ft Faux Burgundy Rubber Tree | Black Raised Planter | Wood Tissue Holder | Black Candle Holder | Concrete Round Boxes | Faux Snake Plant in Pot | Marble Bookends | Cream Pillow Cover | Green Pillow Cover | Faux Leather Pillow Cover | MCM Wall Hooks | Orange Glass Vase | Wood Round Bowl | Wood Sideboard | Dark Green Lamp | Light Green Clock | Swan Art | Orange/Yellow Wall Art | 1923 Wall Art (Pack of 2 different prints) | Green Throw Blanket | Rustic Bowl | Arc Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Leather Sofa | Wood/Glass Coffee Table | Black Accent Chair (Set of 2) | Wood Fluted Side Table | Eames Coffee Table Book | 60’s All-American Ad’s |

| Taupe Pillow Cover | Cream Velvet Pillow Cover | Brown Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Stone Bookends | Faux Palm Plant in Pot | Black Retro Clock | Gold Raised Bowl | Vase with Handles | Faux Dracaena Tree | Black Round Planter | Wavy Wood Sideboard | Dark Green Mushroom Lamp | Large Abstract Wall Art | Medium Abstract Wall Art (set of 2) | Gold Candlesticks | Rustic Vase | Faux Stems | Hands Sculpture | Rust Blanket | 70’s All-American Ads | Louis I Kahn Architecture Book | Skinny Neck Bottle | PU Leather Chair | Area Rug | Coffee Table | Tan Couch | Pleated Floor Lamp | Wood Stool |

| Faux Olive Tree | Terracotta Planter | Quilt | Bunny Bookends | Cream Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Blue Plaid Pillow Covers (Set of 2) | Floral Lumbar Pillow Covers (Set of 2) | Gold Raised Bowl | Floor Basket | Vintage Floral Art (Set of 2, the second is on the other side!) | Framed Key | Framed Tree Art | Framed Horse Art | Two Lamp Sconce | Framed Landscape Art | Small White Mirror | Hanging Heart Art | Wood Sideboard | Faux Lavender Plant (Set of 2) | Small Planter | Wicker Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Navy Sofa | Wood Coffee Table | Metal Side Table | Vintage Botanical Book | The English Country House Book | Armchair | Gold Reading Lamp |

| Ornate Mirror | Orange Planters | Blue Vase | Orange/Green Pillow | Bird Pattern Pillow | Hug Me Pillow | Abstract Vase | Cream Planter with Orbs | Lumbar Pillow Cover | Colorful BlanketBlack Sideboard | Green Bulb Lamp | Orange Bike Wheel Art | Green Clock | Flower Market Art | Matisse Art | Gold Open Air Frame | Wall Hanging Plant Containers (Pack of 4) | Don’t Rush Me Art | Daisy Holding Girl Art | Small Flower Art | Sitting Girl Bookends | Wavy Candle Stick Holder | Faux Birds of Paradise Plant | Blue Planter (Set of 3) | Metal Orb Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Green Sofa | Wood Wavy Side Table | Black Coffee Table | The Life Eclectic Book | More is More is More Book | Orange Chair |

| Cream Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Tan Crosses Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Lumbar Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Small Vase Trio | Wood Bowl | Metal Vase | Wicker Boxes | Taupe Throw | Wood/Marble Bookends | Wood Candlesticks | White Pedestal Bowl | Wood Sideboard | White Vase | Faux Stems | Wall Art (Set of 2) | Ceramic Lamp | Faux olive Tree | Cream Planter (Set of 2) | Pleated Floor Lamp | Cream Couch | Concrete Side Table | Area Rug | Coffee Table | This is Home Book | Minimalista Book | Wood Chair |

| Taupe Pillow Covers (Set of 2) | Dark Gray Crosses Pillow Cover (Set of 2) | Black Lumbar Pillow Cover | Concrete Round Boxes | Marble/Wood Board | Black Bookends | Gold Candlesticks | Cement Bowl | Black Blanket | Gold Raised Planters | Grey Rustic Vase | Wood Sideboard | Metal Black Shade Lamp | Grey Wall Art | Concrete Bowl | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | Concrete Planter | Black Floor Lamp | Area Rug | Wood Side Table | Gray Couch | Black Metal Coffee Table | Brutalism Reinvented Book | Brutalist Architecture Book | Black Accent Chair |

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