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June 25, 2019 | Home Decor

How-To Decorate Table Tops Fast and Easy! (Video)

by Jennifer

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Decorating table tops- why does it have to be so freaking painful when it comes to making them look pretty?! Guess what…

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PAINFUL! Dare I say, it can actually be fun. *gasp

I made this video last Fall because when polling my IG tribe it was VERY clear that everyone hated decorating table tops. Like, set all my tables on fire because I loathe thinking about how to decorate them, level of hatred. Which I get. Back when I was training teams how to decorate table tops in clothing stores (many moons ago) it was always a sore spot. People HATE table tops because they feel like it looks like a bunch of junk thrown on a flat surface after they’ve spent an hour “decorating” it.

Watch this video and let me show you how to organize your “junk” to achieve well balanced color, height, and over all pretty coffee tables, entry tables, dining tables… whatever tables need facelifts in your home- I gotchu.

Once you get in a rhythm that you’re comfortable with decorating tables big or small will become a much faster process for you! Pinky promise ?


YOU GOT THIS…. you table master, you.

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  • This was an excellent video. Your house is beautiful?
  • Mantel decorating would be nice. But personally, I would love to see how to decorate countertops in the kitchen, without them looking crammed or cluttered! :)
  • I've been following you for awhile on FB....was so happy that you are able to do HGTV. I have all your shows on DVR!!! Love your style.