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Things get a little loud and chaotic over here from time to time. I blame the three child beasts ... and Mike is loud too. But, I hope to bring you nothing but happiness, inspiration, good home decor and only the comfiest clothing recommendations because, who really enjoys pants .... ? And most importantly a good laugh. I hope you laugh a lot… even if it’s at my expense.

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February 7, 2020 | Red's Weekly Threads

Red’s Weekly Thread

by Jennifer

Happy Friday! Hope y’all had a great week!

Diving right in to the most requested items this week, we’ll start with the seamless hair ties by Gimme Beauty! You can click through this link or use code REDHEAD50 for 50% off your hair tie purchase. The hair ties do not crease my hair which is honestly the biggest reason I use them as well as just overall comfort. Tip: If the hair ties stretch out you can toss them in the washing machine or just squeeze water though them while in the shower and let air dry, they’ll go back to original shape!

These are some products from Tarte that I have been loving! If I had to choose just one mascara I’d choose Maneater as the best! The wand is scary but it’s actually so great! I separates the lashes so well.

Y’all also know from my stories that I am obsessed with the H2O gloss in shade Villa… it’ s my daily go-to for a subtle lip!

Villa Lip Gloss | Coffee Break Lip Gloss | Pink Sands Lipstick | Jam Lip Duo | Lights Camera Lashes Mascara | Maneater Mascara| Big Ego Mascara | Tarteist Lashes |

Listed below are my favorite skin care products. I started using Tatcha when I heard so many people on YouTube raving about it! QVC had a Tatcha bundle on a flash sale and the rest is history. I’ve been using this line for over six months and it is so so good, worth the hype, in my opinion! Tatcha has no clue who I am so I have no discount code to offer you but all of these products are linked through QVC (best price currently) and codes WELCOME or HELLO10 (sometimes works for second time purchase) will get $10 off of your first QVC purchase. (If you’ve bought before-use a new email!)

Tatcha Overnight Skincare Trio | Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask | Tatcha The Deep Cleanse | Tatcha The Silk Cream | Tatcha Bright Eye & Lip Collection | Tatcha Serum Stick | Tatcha The Essence Skin Softener | Tarte Lip Scrub | Tatcha Dewy Skin Concentrate | Tatcha Violet C Mask | Tatcha Neck Cream | Tarte Drink of H2O Moisturizer | AHAVA Dead Sea Face Serum |

Berkley’s Tea Party Decorations!

We had such a fun time spoiling those little girls last weekend! Every time I have a smaller birthday party (she invited 4 friends) I remember how awesome they are. Smaller is better! We definitely got more one on one time with Berkley and her friends as well was able to spend a little more on fun things like girly party favors, real teacups and of course DECOR! In case any other #girlmoms are needing a quick and easy birthday party idea- all things are linked through Amazon. A lot of this stuff would make for great baby shower or bridal shower decor!

All of these decorations are linked up on my Amazon Tea Party Storefront!

Teach ‘Em Tuesday!

Last week I showed some fun sight words games and learning to read tools for Teach ‘Em Tuesday. I think it was overdue because y’all messaged me like crazy over these, so glad y’all are loving the games and Bob Books! I only show games and activities that my own kids love so seeing y’all share your own kiddos playing these games in your own stories makes me so happy!

You can find all of these Products on my Amazon Educational Games/ Flash Cards Storefront!

Jenn’s Journal

This right here is a new segment to my newsletters! Something that I’ve always wanted to do but wasn’t sure how to go about it, should I make these random posts blog posts or just tie it into my weekly thread? I just figure that the least amount of emails the easier for y’all so from here on out at the end of my roundup emails I’ll have a blurb at the bottom called Jenn’s Journal.

Jenn’s Journal will be extremely random topics or thoughts that I have on my mind or just life updates for what’s going on with us in the Todryk household for those who care to know 🙂

Let’s talk about the TV show… while I still can’t give many, hardly any, details, just know that it is still 100% happening! We just got some crazy awesome news that in due time y’all will know too! While it’s hard to not talk about this with y’all in “real time” I understand that a major network (HGTV) is trying to maintain what is getting out and what is being said before they announce it themselves, and we are not a small group. I’m also the first person to get a show after having an established platform, so this is new territory for the network.

I’ll continue to push the boundaries when it comes to showing things in my stories (showing y’all behind the scenes while filming etc.) because that’s a huge part of my life and what I was doing before filming a TV show! We will be starting up filming again late next month, so be ready for that! While I can’t give an air date just yet, know that I am trying to get news out ASAP and as soon as I get the OK to share, y’all will be hearing about it weekly, probably to the point where it’s annoying!

This has been a crazy process. A crazy and very long process! I am beyond ready to shout all news from my personal rooftop so we can all be in on things together… it will make it even more exciting! Summer 2020 will be good, that’s all I’m sayin’.

SOON! Thanks so much for caring and wanting to support us!

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  • Does anyone leave blog comments anymore? They’re like the OG Instagram comment threads! Can’t wait to watch your show this year! Love everything you do! Would love to see more of the coffee shop too!
  • Love reading roundups and now Jen’s Journal!! Random is how I live and talk. I jump from one subject to the next and my husband makes me laugh because he can’t keep up.
  • My preschooler suggested this afternoon, "let's see what The Rambling Redhead is up to!" 😆 Love the blog post journal included here, it helps keep everything streamlined so there's not so many places to check for updates. ❤️ Good call!
  • Love the Jenn’s Journal idea! Love hearing your thoughts—delivered as only you can!—with whatever tickles your fancy that week. SO excited for your show! Exciting on so many levels—that you will be the first star who already has an established public fan base, your ideas with your humor are going to make for great tv AND we feel like a friend has hit the big time! So proud of you. So happy for you!
  • SO excited for your show! You are hilarious and real and your home styling is the best! I think it will be a huge hit! I see you being the next Joanna Gaines! <3
    • Cannot wait for your TV show. Watching your stories on Instagram is something I look forward to everyday!!
    • I am so excited and happy for you and your family I can’t wait to be glued to the TV for every episode as I love following along on IG . Best wishes❤️
  • So happy for you! Can't wait to hear the news about the show!!
  • Oh thank goodness!! I was so sad because on New Years Day I was watching the HGTV special about all their new shows and you weren't on it! That must've been just the first half of the year, Whew! I cant wait to see what you do! Its going to be great!!!
  • Yay!!! Love "Jenn's Journal" idea! And also loved your insta-story this week about being kind and nice - we need more kindness in the world! Thanks for always sharing with us even when you don't have to :)
  • Thanks for sharing all that you do! You brighten my days and make me LOL more than you know!
  • I can’t wait to hear updates on your show. Not to mention swing the set up of your daughters birthday par-tea. How freakin precious. Many prayers going your way!
  • CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE SHOW!!! .... although your live stories will most likely continue to be my favorite!
  • I’m so excited to hear about your big news!! Can’t wait to see the show!
  • Loving Jenn’s Journal, so far!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop as much as you can and for always being a bright spot in my day! Can’t wait to see the show!!!!!!!!!
  • Truly so excited for you! I pray that God continues to bless your family and that you keep giving Him the glory! We cannot wait to watch the show!!! Woot Woot!!!!
  • I’m so excited for you and your family on the HGTV show!
  • Jenn’s journal fits in perfectly! And hon, hold on tight, cuz when that show goes live this group is going to triple! Love some Jen!!
  • I think it’d be so cool if hgtv will let you release the commercial or some kind of a sneak peak on your igtv page... that way all your followers can share & spread the news! Even if it’s just a week or a day prior to it airing on tv. Regardless! So happy and can’t wait. PS the partea was so cute!
  • Oh my gosh!!!! I love that we're all waiting sooooo impatiently together! It's like this exciting secret that our bff Jenn Todryk is going to be a Star! Wait til the whole world finds out about you! I don't know if I'm ready to share, but it sure will be fun to say "..we knew her when!..." 🎉👋😁😎 BTW, I'm requesting more home productions, ie., Musicals, singing and tap-dancing!!!!
  • Can’t wait for the show!
  • Love watching your stories and watching your family! You’re one of the main reason I come to IG! Cannot wait to see what Summer 2020 offers 🤩
  • Could you share the name of the book Von likes so much with the Bible facts again?
  • Can NOT wait for this show!!! Also love those books and games for pre-readers! It's so great to have so many new ideas!
  • I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! LOL Seriously, though. This is so awesome and I couldn't be more happy for a family I've never met! Keep doing what you're doing =)
  • Cannot wait to say "I knew her when..." Well, I don't know, know you...but I feel like I know you! Also, a gentle reminder that Vivi is no longer just a few months old! Update that pic, Momma!
  • Hey Jen,so excited to see your show. My daughter was like mom you do have HDTV so you can watch her right??? Happy to say yes!!! You're in my lineup. Love you n your entire family. Big changes coming Jen,get ready!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH,I feel like I know you .
  • Can’t go a day without checking in on you💕
  • Jenn, I’m sure I’m not the only “Senior Citizen” that loves you. I’m so glad that young mamas love and respect what you do but just know that as seniors we enjoy you and your family just as much 🌻
  • Thank you for sharing and being so real. I love following you. Can't wait for the reveal! So exciting. Congrats!
  • Jen and Mike I am so happy for you. You have been entertaining me for quite some time. You got me shopping at Walmart (never did that!), you made me feel better about being a Mom and the job I did (kids are grown). I worked a lot as a single Mom, but really worked hard at having quality and fun time when I was home. Anyway I have really enjoyed all that you have taught me, making me laugh really hard and you being you. Good Luck my E-friends and Ill be there cheering all the way!
  • I’m SO excited!!! I’m deleting movies and series I have recorded on my DVR... I won’t be missing one episode for sure🤓 MORE than you know... you and your beautiful little fam are SO much part of my life🙌🙌🙌 your stories truly get me through some hard days!!! AND girlfriend you make me laugh!!! Like out loud !!!!! I have my girls following ya now!!!!❤️ Lisa☮️
  • You are funny and seem so real and down to earth ... and you will Mike in the background is even funnier! Keep true to who you guys are and can't wait to watch your new show. I love HGTV-its my favorite TV station.
  • Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! 🤩 Girl, you’re a superstar! HGTV will get to see you (& your awesome family) just like us OG fans. I say OG because I’m a cool Mom like that 😉😆
  • I ordered the hair ties yesterday and can't wait to receive them, thanks. So looking forward to seeing your new show! Congratulations on all that you have going on!!!
  • So happy for you, you will be awesome!
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! You go girlie!! Congrats and so excited for you. And also - thank you again for the links to the tea party decor!! My bridal tea party thanks you 😂😂
  • So deserving, I wish the world for you! You are always spot on with your humor and delivery. Love, love, love that my daughter turned me on to someone who makes me smile everyday. X/O
  • I am so happy for you and can't wait to watch it!
  • Luv, luv, luv, u!!! You make my day. Hope ur having a good one.
  • Hey Jenn, I just can't even imagine life without you, your amazing & humble! I used to be a SAHM too, now I have 2 job's my family & career. I appreciate all your great decorating tips, fantastic fashion and great tools for learning. I'm so excited for your up coming TV show...Thank you for sharing!🥰 ❤ 😘 ❤ 😁 ❤
  • Thank you so much for these posts! I am so happy to have found you
  • Can NOT wait for your show to air. This will be so exciting for your family.
  • I just started following you like Aug/Sept time frame and though I have children your age, I have grands your kids age so what the heck...and now I'm in LOVE!! Anyway...thank you for the Sight Word game recommendation with the fly swatters! I have K grade grandson who is having trouble with his site words and now is loving this game! He has 2 older sisters, 10 and 7, and 1 older brother 10 and when them 4 get going it's serious competition! My DIL got a note from little guy's teacher remarking how much he's improved and asking what game he is telling everyone about so I shared your Insta with her!
  • Following you and your adorable family, honestly is a highlight of my day. Your children are ALL special in their own way. Mike and you have done amazing, so happy for all the good coming your way!
  • Cannot wait for your show! You have been one of my top 5 go-tos every day on IG. You are real and authentic, inspiring, and hilarious. Keep being you! 😍