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January 26, 2024 | Home Decor

My Favorite Amazon Home Items – Under $50

by Jennifer

Happy WEEKEND, friends!

So, a few weeks ago I put a question box up in my IG stories asking y’all what type of things you’d like to see more in my stories in 2024 and the amount of requests for any and all decor content was overwhelming! Requests for styling tutorials as well as links for affordable decor were definitely the top two mentioned and I’ve really taken it to heart. I’m challenging myself to show more items I have purchased and how I style them in 2024!

Girl talk for a second: I’ve been doing this type of content since 2016 and if I’m being very honest, I feel like if I’ve styled something once (like a mantle for example) then I can’t ever do it again because it may feel boring or repetitive. I know that this is silly, because the odds of someone seeing EVERYTHING I post is pretty much impossible, but this is why I haven’t shared more decorating content recently, because I truly have done and showed it all 😂🫠 I tell you all this to say that I’m no longer going to think this way, that if I’ve done it once, twice or five times already I can still show a similar tutorial but with different decor! It also helps that I’m not in filming season so I have a little more time on my hands to actually make this content for you! Anyway… thanks for reading my inner thoughts for a few seconds, onto the decor!

Here is a post of all Amazon decor under $50! I own quite a few of these items and have ordered some that I don’t have and will be featuring them in my stories in the future, so be on the lookout! Happy shopping!

| Green Tie Duvet Cover | White Duvet Cover | Oatmeal Duvet Cover | Cream Tie Duvet Cover | Duvet Insert | Satin Eye Mask | Sound Machine | Side Sleeper Pillow | Bed Pillows | Sheets |

| Terracotta Vase | Marble Vase | 2 Tone Vase | Small Vase Trio | Terracotta Vase | Tan Vase with Handles | Brown Rustic Vase | Metal Vase with Handle | Blue/White Ginger Jar | Black Round Vase | Blue/Green Trio Vases | Dark Rustic Jug with Handles | Tan Rustic Jug with Handle | Blue/White Floral Vase | Ornate Vase |

| Wood Bowl | Grey Bowl | Light Wood Bowl | Small Gold Bowl | Gold Pedestal Bowl | Cream Pedestal Bowl with Handles | Black/Gold Bowl | Cream Three Foot Bowl | Wood Raised Bowl | Mango Wood Bowl |Gold Bowls set of 2 | Gold Pedestal Bowl | Soapstone Bowl | Bowl with Rattan Handles | Ceramic Low Bowl | Black Marble Bowl | Rippled Bowl | Concrete Raised Cream Bowl |

| Decorative Taper Candles | Candle Accessories | Black Candle Holder | Gold 6 Piece Candlesticks | Brass 3 Piece Candlesticks | Grey Glass Faux Candles | Stone Candle Holders | Gold 2 Piece Candle Sticks | La Jolie Muse Wood Wick Candle | Black 6 Piece Candle Holders | Faux Taper Candles | La Jolie Muse Cedar Candle | Real Wax Faux Candles | Wood Candle Holders | Wood Pillar Candle Holders | Ceramic Candle Holders |

| Blue Plaid Pillow Cover | Brown Plaid Pillow Cover | Navy Stripe Pillow Cover | Black Stripe Pillow Cover | Tassel Jute Pillow Cover | Cream Fringe Edge Pillow Cover | Brown Cross Pillow Cover | Boucle Pillow Cover | Striped Lumbar Pillow Cover | Tan Striped Pillow Cover | Green Corduroy Pillow Cover | Window Pane Pillow Cover | Green Plaid Pillow Cover | Stripe/Fringe Pillow Cover | Horizontal Stripe Fringe Pillow Cover | Pillow Inserts |

| Lantern Style Cordless Lamp | Black Library LightLinen Shade Marble Lamp | White Lamp Shade Cordless Lamp | Flower Cordless Lamp | Gold Cordless Lamp | Gold/Wood Wrapped Lamp | Gold Library Light | Plug In Wall Mounted Sconce | Gold Table Lamp | Arched Floor Lamp | Gold Adjustable Arm Lamp | Small Pleated Lamp | Black/Gold Floor Lamp | Tripod Style Floor Lamp | Black/White Floor Lamp |

All of the art will depend on what size you choose! All of them have an under $50 size option.

| 5×7 Natural Wood Frames | 11×14 Brown Picture Frame with Glass | 8×10 Picture Frames | 1. Wall Art | 2. Wall Art | 3. Wall Art | 4. Wall Art | 5. Wall Art | 6. Wall Art | 7. Wall Art | 8. Wall Art | 9. Wall Art | 10. Wall Art |

| Poetry of Place Book | Arriving Home Book | Gospel of John Book | Beauty by Design Book | Minimalista Book | Live Beautiful Book | Feels Like Home Book | This is Home Book | Yellowstone Book | Pretty City New York Book | Portraits of Home Book | Down to Earth Book | Horse Bookend | Marble & Wood Bookends | Marble/Gold Bookends | Face Bookends | Marble Arch Bookend |

| Pom Blanket | Cheetah Blanket | Chunky Knit Blanket | Shag Cream Blanket | Light Brown Fuzzy Blanket | Fuzzy Fringe Blanket | Pink Checkerboard Blanket | Green Chenille Blanket | Tan Checkerboard Blanket | All Green Checkerboard Blanket | Navy Fringe Blanket | Faux Fur Blanket |

| Braided Floor Basket | Water Hyacinth Basket | Flat Rattan Bins | Small Basket with Handles | Gold/Glass Container | Set of 2 Wall Hanging Baskets | Round Basket with Feet | Basket Bowls Set of 3 | Set of 2 Round Bins with Lids | Faux Leather Box | Set of 3 Brown Boxes | Stair Basket | Concrete Round Boxes Set of 2 | Linen Set of 2 Boxes with Leather TabSet of 3 Small Wicker Round Baskets |

| Marble Knot | Gold Rabbits | Gold Birds | Green Sculpture | Horse Head Sculpture | Wood Arches | Marble Arch | Wood Knot | Love Knot Sculpture | Clock |

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  • I love you! Can't wait for your new shows to come out!
  • NEVER at your expense, lady. your KNOWLEDGE of design, your interaction with your family and your cute sense of humor has made your show the most watchable of it's breed. Please keep us smiling, darlin' Thank you!
  • Absolutely love your posts! I have already purchased several of your suggested items and LOVE the results in my home and our hunting lodge. It takes all the hunting and returning stuff. 😆 I hate going in stores and more I swore I would not be that person to order on line. But thanks to you I have enjoyed my experience and prefer it now. 😊 thank you for doing what you do, keep up the good work! You rock!
  • I Need someone like you to help with my decor. Those are all good decor items. We all could use a good laugh. Even though it may be at your own expense. Keep smiling❤️
  • I love how subtle so many of these items are - and others really reach out. I think the combination is the way to go. Love your program and can't wait until you're back on for the season! Take good care...
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  • Love you you do make me laugh
  • 2 things - yay for pull chain lamps; and I've always thought humans need more landscape artwork in their house!
  • Hi (: just wanted to let you know i love your show, love your instagram, love all your amazon recommendations. But also, i REALLY miss your podcast! Is that ever coming back?! 🩷 Thanks for all the laughs, Kady
  • Jen love your show; it "slAPS!"
  • Hi Jenn!! I love love love the artwork you selected above the master bed in S3:E7 Fresh Start! Let’s be honest I love everything you select 🤍 Can you please share where you found that piece? It almost looks like an ocean maybe?